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16 barista magazine FROM THE MAILBOX Once again, Barista Magazine has the best articles in town. I am talking about "Got Not Milk?" and "Own Your Own" (both from February + March 2014 issue) specifically here. Thank you for the kind of educational and business articles I can't find anywhere else. I have been a subscriber for six years now, and I can't see ever stopping. Clay Low Chandler, Arizona I just read your [editor's] letter (February + March 2014 issue), and I've read them in the past, but have to say probably not as thoughtfully sometimes. Either that or this one was simply music to my ears. I thought it was great that you shared about your experience at your place of childhood and taking it slow with coffee while brewing there, then explained that while you don't brew like that every day, and don't have to, it's something to appreciate. How you went on to mention that these times are times that should resonant with our inner coffee nerd and that we should relish, definitely strikes me, as I jumped into the industry three years ago not as a barista but as a self-taught roaster who moved back to my hometown from Oregon to begin my coffee business. It's been a wild ride, and sometimes changes very quickly, but I'm sure there is success to be had in this industry, after all. Anyhow, I'm far from a coffee geek, having never met [World Brewers Cup Champ] Erin McCarthy or [gotten] on the forefront of some of the barista events. Rather, [I am] focusing on bringing in the most exciting coffees I can find, and roasting in our hometown is what I love to do. Thanks for the inspirational editor letter and hope you keep brewing with success! Chris Molieri Green Street Coffee Roasters, Philadelphia, Pennsyleania I want to congratulate you and your staff about your wonderful magazine and for the digital version. Living in Canada doesn't help for finding any good reads about coffee in a newsstand. Marc-Antoine Lajoie Montreal, Canada T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE Some of our favorite recent tweets. Follow us on Twitter @BaristaMagazine SamBorchers @lightmyworld The latest issue of @BARISTAMAGAZINE is so good! Devouring every word! Liz Bishop @lizbotastic There is nothing better on a #snowday than the winning combo of @MistoBoxCoffee and @BARISTAMAGAZINE WhiskeyWoodCreations @WhiskeyWoodCrea Just read a great article featuring @UELZING in @BARISTAMAGAZINE great words and story, now onto ordering me some #ZING Coffee N Ireland @coffeenireland @hasbean @BARISTAMAGAZINE the article made me want to buy a Kalita... ha! I'm a newbie to the magazine but loving it this year so far Michael Fernandez @pandaman73 The editor's letter in the latest @BARISTAMAGAZINE is pretty amazing. #inspired #barista BARISTAS TURNED CAFÉ OWNERS BARISTA CHAMPS TAKE ON KENYA EXPLORING BANGKOK'S CAFÉ CULTURE COFFEE KIDS FOUNDER BILL FISHBEIN FEBRUARY + Ê, ÊÓä£{ÊUÊ6"1ÊÉ--1ÊÈ DELPIERRE FRANCE'S DE LP IE RR E D E L P I E R R E VICTOR INTERNATIONAL COFFEE COCKTAILS CHAMPION B o o k 1 - 4 4 . i n d d 1 6 Book 1-44.indd 16 3 / 1 9 / 1 4 9 : 5 1 P M 3/19/14 9:51 PM

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