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and is commodity-grade coffee. The vibrancy of the larger specialty-coffee community, however, is beginning to have an impact. One example of that was the competition I was invited to judge. In addition to the Italian coffee competitions taking place at Sigep, there were myriad other contests on the docket, including world championships for gelato, baking, and more. In fact, the competition space for some, such as the Gelato World Cup, was downright amazing. That event was held at the end of a massive hall, where rows upon rows of risers stretched to the tall ceiling to create a wall. Three giant video boards extended the entire length of the room, below which stood 10 glass booths (competitor prep areas), and in the center, a long table with a number of judges. Cameras followed all of the action, and a clock on the wall counted up the time. The championship took place over the course of days as inside the glass booths, five-person teams from 10 countries constructed amazing creations that were eons beyond a simple ice cream cone or cake. The competition I judged was one of the rounds of the Pastry Queen. In this event, international teams created an extensive assortment of confections and baked creations under strict time limits and other constraints. With 10 other people, I judged the tiramisu and espresso portion. The national Pastry Queen teams, representing 11 countries, had to team with a barista to select a coffee to pair with their tiramisu. The barista would prepare and serve the coffee as At the Italian Barista Championship, Giacomo Vannelli called time at the end of a performance judges deemed the best of the show: Giacomo will represent Italy at the World Barista Championship, to be held in the same Rimini convention center in June. 44 barista magazine B o o k 1 - 4 4 . i n d d 4 4 Book 1-44.indd 44 3 / 1 9 / 1 4 1 0 : 0 1 P M 3/19/14 10:01 PM

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