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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S GLUTEN-FREE INDULGENCE VELVETiNO Cioccolata Indulgenza is proud to introduce VELVETiNO's Complete Start Up Package, a high-end, visually stimulating range that is both unique and gluten-free. Your chocolate lovers will have fun blending VELVETiNO with liquors and spices to create their own flavor experience. The sophisticated VELVETiNO brand is particularly well-suited to vibrant, young businesses, and will keep customers satisfied from morning until night. GOOD GHANA! THAT'S SOME TASTY CHOCOLATE You put a lot of thought into the coffee you ser ve—doesn't your chocolate deser ve the same level of consideration? Good Drinks Single Origin Ghana Dark Chocolate Sauce is a one-of-a- kind chocolate made from Ghanaian-grown cocoa beans, dried and processed in Ghana. The result is a small-batch, single- origin chocolate that gives you a truly unique taste. Get your free sample today! PICK YOUR FAVORITE What do pistachio, violet, and strawberr y have in common? They're the three exciting new colors for the Ascaso Dream, which arrives on U.S. shores in April of 2014. The Ascaso Dream is a versatile home espresso machine compatible with ground espresso coffee and E.S.E. pods. It's available wholesale to qualified retail stores, cafés, and roasters. NEW LINEUPS AND PACKAGING Dillanos Coffee Roasters introduces new packaging for its terrific coffee lineup designed to highlight the unique characters of these exceptional offerings. Dillanos has renamed and expanded its popular microlot program to include exclusive blends and single-origin coffees. Now called the DCR coffee lineup, the collection includes Dillanos' most exceptional, meticulously sourced, and highest-quality coffees. There's also Dillanos Classic, featuring award-winning blends and single-origin offerings. Lastly, Dillanos One Har vest Project consists of direct- relationship coffees that focus on quality and sustainability. 56 barista magazine B o o k 5 5 - 8 8 . i n d d 5 6 Book 55-88.indd 56 3 / 1 9 / 1 4 1 0 : 0 5 P M 3/19/14 10:05 PM

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