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Stuff Michael Loves Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner I Love Stuff Michael Butterworth Barista and trainer, Quills Coffee; Co-editor, The Coffee Compass ( Louisville, Kentucky Why do you love it? It's impossible to brew tasty coffee without clean equipment, and it's impossible to have clean equipment without Cafiza! Cafiza can make a well-worn V60 look brand new, or obliterate that gunk in the bottom of your airpot. Obviously it's great for backflushing espresso machines, too. Why is it especially well-suited to a busy café? The best part of Cafiza is there's no scrubbing involved—just a good soak in hot water. Most coffee shops have plenty of hot water around. How does it compare to other cleaning products? I've never used another brand of coffee cleaner, but soap and water are worthless for cleaning coffee stains. I'm hoping Cafiza launches its own brand of toothpaste. What do your coworkers think of it? My love for Cafiza has become something of a joke at Quills, which culminated in everybody making me a Cafiza t-shirt for Christmas. More recently, I made a flow chart to help our employees know when they should use Cafiza. Every path eventually leads to "Use Cafiza." Anything else to add? Cafiza is also great for getting coffee stains out of clothes, which is important because I don't think I've ever worked a shift where I didn't get a little coffee on me. FEEL THE FORTÉ The Forté Series is the newest in the Baratza family of grinders, and the first to be designed specifically for commercial applications. With your choice of metal or ceramic burrs, you can use the Forté for all brew methods. This workhorse grinder is perfect for cafés and restaurants, where grind accuracy, durability, and reliability are paramount. The Forté incorporates loads of great features, like an all-metal construction; a small footprint; an intuitive control panel; weight-based grinding; and solid macro/ micro adjustment, while delivering exceptional cup quality. PHOTO BY MATTHEW STEVENSON ALMOND MILK FOR BARISTAS For years, baristas have applauded the per formance of Pacific Barista Series Soy. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for— introducing, Pacific's Barista Series Almond, which is crafted with the same functional benefits as the other products in the Barista Series line. This is the only almond beverage specifically crafted to complement the flavor of coffee and espresso, while consistently delivering smooth, velvety microfoam. It per forms as well as—or even better than—dair y, and is per fect for latte art. 59 B o o k 5 5 - 8 8 . i n d d 5 9 Book 55-88.indd 59 3 / 1 9 / 1 4 1 0 : 0 6 P M 3/19/14 10:06 PM

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