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112 barista magazine rest into 12 monthly payments that range from $165 to $250. In my opinion, that's a lot easier to budget for than a $500+ bill every three months. We can break it down even more, too. If we have a $3,000 service package for the year, it works out to about $8.22 a day. That's all the café needs to clear in order to cover the cost of preventative maintenance for a year! I can't speak for other companies, but we also incentivize purchasing service packages by offering discounts on service calls that might pop up between the quarterly visits. I hope that helps! —Double J How do I know if my tech is qualifi ed? I don't know much about equipment, so it's hard for me to know. This is a tough one to answer. One great option would be to ask your equipment manufacturer if they have recommenda- tions or factory-trained technicians in your area. There are a lot of shady mechanics in every repair industry, and coffee tech is no exception. This doesn't necessarily disqualify a tech who may have 20 years of fi xing machines under their belt, but I am always a little wary of any repair people—in any industry—who haven't gotten any proper factory training or at least apprenticed under someone who has. You can also reach out to other shop owners in your area and see what techs they would recommend. If two or three shops give you the same recommendation, it's a good bet that the tech might be worth trying. I always want techs I work with to be knowledgeable, but also easy to talk to and able to explain complicated issues in easy-to-understand, clear terms without overwhelming someone with jargon or overly technical answers. At the end of the day, go with your gut. If you get a bad vibe, or feel like the person you are working with isn't a good fi t, then keep asking around to fi nd out who else in your area might be a better fi t. Hope that helps! —Alex Got a question about coffee equipment? We'd love to help! Just email your thoughts and queries to online original content for the coffee community EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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