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16 barista magazine T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE PHONE: 800.296.9108 FAX: 971.223.3659 TIPJAR@BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM Divine you featured the amazing Miki Suzuki on the cover [June + July 2018]. This woman has been inspirational to her peers in coffee for years. I brought a few baristas to Nagano to train with Miki several years ago, and it is an experience they still talk about, one that continues to motivate them. Kentaro Maruyama is a fortunate man to have her in his continued employ. Lacina Agee Antwerp, Belgium I read the article about instant coffee as a trend ["Instant Development," June + July 2018] with great interest, not only as a coffee shop owner but as a consumer who loves travel. I will stick to the professional part for the purpos- es of this email: It was quite exciting to read what the people at Black & White [Coffee in North Carolina] are doing in terms of freeze-drying their coffee themselves to be able to sell the instant for a more reasonable price. Please pass on to them that I am now planning to purchase a freeze-drier of my own to follow suit. Jason Reichard Round Lake Beach, Ill. Another great issue, Barista! I just ate up all the information in the story about kegging your own cold brew (I will be doing that soon, thanks to this article which made the process a lot less intimidating to me), and wow, that human resources article could not have come at a better time. I have followed the articles at [Barista Magazine Online] regarding the human resourc- es option of outsourcing, too, which has been incredibly helpful. One more thing: My partner and I have decided to go visit Denver, because we loved the "Field Report" about it—also in this awesome issue. I tell her you are a lifestyle magazine for café owners because Barista helps us enjoy our life! Stella Hartley Los Angeles Our shop owner asked us to read the article called "Turning the Tables: How Our Custom- ers Can Educate Us," as part of our monthly staff workshop, which is a little like a book club but more sharing articles from Barista Magazine and articles in newspapers that we find and think apply to our work. I really liked the article by Erin Meister! I learned a lot from it and I feel I will be a better barista now because of the perspective about listening to my customers instead of assuming I know what is best for them. Thank you very much. Hailey Grant Carlsbad, Calif. Phenomenal piece about human resources this month, Barista Magazine. Obviously it's relevant because of the climate in our country right now, but it has always been relevant, but one of those things small-business owners sometimes let slip. This is not me pointing fingers because I've been guilty of it myself. I will reference the wealth of information in this piece plenty in the future, and I'm also sending a copy to my town's small business association. Georgia Laing Flourtown, Pa. When you introduce Torani's decadent Dark Chocolate Sauce and refreshingly tart Raspberry Syrup to your cold brew coffee, you'll spark a surprising, but delicious, new friendship. Raspberry Mocha Cold Brew ½ oz. Torani Raspberry Syrup ½ oz. Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce 8 oz. Cold brew coffee Shake together with ice and serve. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about cold brew and other trends at Made to complement your drinks with natural flavor and pure cane sugar. Cold brew, and chocolate meet raspberry

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