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F O A M : N E W S + T R E N D S FNC SEEKS OUT COLOMBIA'S BEST COFFEE WITH QUALITY-FOCUSED COMPETITION IT'S NO SECRET THAT COLOMBIA offers some of the world's most delicious specialty coffees from its various growing regions. However, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) is cur- rently on the hunt to determine the best of the best that the country's coffee producers have to offer. The FNC is accomplishing this mission through its national coffee- quality competition, "Colombia, Land of Diversity." Now in its third year, the competition recognizes top-quality Colombian coffees from the country's different growing regions and a variety of farmers. María Olano, a member of the FNC's specialty sales team, says the organization launched the competition to recognize the different coffee profi les found in Colombia. "Colombia has many different climates and agronomic conditions depending on the region, and the cup profi les are completely different," she says. "All of them are unique and must be showcased to the world." "Colombia, Land of Diversity" is open to all Colombian coffee growers and has been accepting submissions this summer, with a deadline of August 15. The competition recognizes farmers in two designations: Small Lots, which is for smallholder coffee producers, and Large Lots, for bigger coffee-producing organizations and estates. In the Small Lots designation, the FNC will recognize fi ve winners in fi ve categories: Best Acidity; Best Body; Best Balance; Best Mouth- feel; and Most Exotic Coffee. María says the competition has been organized into these categories to help smallholder coffee farmers assess the quality of their coffee in a similar way to how international buyers judge it. "It's very important for the producer to know the main attributes of their coffee," she says. "In most cases, this evalu- ation protocol helps the producer get a deeper understanding of the quality of their coffee." The winning Small Lots producers in each category will earn a cash prize of 25 million Colombian pesos (about $8,600 USD). For Now in its third year, "Colombia, Land of Diversity" is a national coff ee-quality competition in which an international jury (top) identifi es some of the top coff ees in the industry. PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE FNC 22 barista magazine

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