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the Large Lots designation, the top estate will be recognized for best overall quality and will receive the same cash prize. In addition to producers receiving the monetary reward, the 30 winning lots from "Colombia, Land of Diversity" will be sold through a live auction on October 5 in Bogotá as part of the 2018 Cafés de Colombia Expo. María says the top coffee at last year's competition earned $31 per pound, with the 25 auctioned lots in the competition earning an average of $9.40. She adds that the live auction is an exciting way of linking the winning producers with coffee buyers. "It's very satisfying to see how during a live auction we can connect the producer with the client, being able to generate a direct relationship between the two parties," she says. Colombian coffee growers founded the FNC in 1927 as a way to create national and international representation and to improve the quality of their lives. In its 90-plus years, the organization has helped improve the well being of over 500,000 Colombian families involved in coffee production. The FNC currently represents 540,000 small coffee growers in 22 departments of Colombia, and through programs like "Colombia, Land of Diversity," is providing growth opportunities to quality-focused coffee growers. "The results in the fi rst two versions have been very good in terms of quality and in terms of the price paid to the producer," Maria says. "For the producer, these initiatives are very important, as they can get higher prices and get to know the quality of their coffees." She adds that the competition also plays an important role in elevat- ing the international reputation of Colombian coffees by showcasing some of the country's most exquisite coffees with sought-after fl avor profi les. "For coffee buyers, it's a great way to discover, taste, and get closer to the best Colombian coffees," she says. The competing lots will be assessed over two rounds—fi rst by a jury of national cup tasters, and later by a jury of international cup- pers—using a protocol developed by Almacafé's Coffee Quality Offi ce to recognize the unique attributes of Colombian coffee. María says the FNC will begin picking its international jury soon, and cuppers interested in assessing the coffees can contact the FNC via email at to be considered. —Chris Ryan As part of the FNC's strategies of quality, diff erentiation, and added value for the entire coff ee chain, the "Colombia, Land of Diversity" competition seeks to highlight the great variety of fl avors of Colombian coff ees, draw domestic and international a ention to exceptional coff ees, and concentrate regional and departmental initiatives into one single national competition. CLEAN LIKE A CHAMP | 23

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