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P U L L : E V E N T S GENUINE ORIGIN SOURCE TRIP ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA PHOTOS + TEXT BY LANCE HEDRICK Clockwise from top le : While I was trying (and failing) to impress 2017 United States Cup Tasting Champ Steve Cuevas—who a ended the trip on behalf of his company, Black Oak Coff ee Roasters in Ukiah, Calif.—with my mad cupping skillz at Cafe Kateu, a local producer moseyed his way into the facility with coff ee in tow on his trusty steed. Because some of the farms are nestled into the sides of steep mountains and volcanoes, the only way to transport coff ee to places such as this cupping lab is by donkey. Just past Finca El Rincon, about an hour outside of Guatemala City, exists a most spectacular view. Unfe ered by the distractions typically accompanying big, bustling cities, a tranquil environment awaits those ready to slow down. Though I do enjoy the city life, it is undeniably hard to beat an indelible site like this. Easily the most underrated, and arguably the most important stage at origin is the sorting. These stations are set up for sorters to go through and sort the defective beans from the good beans as quickly and as accurately as possible. Though it's painstaking work, manual sorting is much more precise (and provides many more jobs) than electronic sorting, a practice some farms are moving toward. Until this happened, I had no clue my trip wouldn't have been complete without a ride on a tractor through drying coff ee. Akin to raking, the purpose of this activity is to fl ip the drying seeds on the bed over and over again for an even and quicker drying phase. What looks like fun for one or two passes quickly becomes arduous during the intensive harvest season. Editor note: Genuine Origin stepped up in a big way to sponsor the annual Smalltown Throwdown—presented by the Abbey Coffee Co. and the League of Lattes—in Marion, Ind., by offering an all-expenses-paid trip to Guatemala for the winner. Longtime latte-art whiz kid Lance Hedrick took top honors and set about packing his bags for the trip, which took place earlier this year with representatives from Genuine Origin as well as some of the company's roasting partners. Here, Lance shares photos and memories from the great adventure. 26 barista magazine

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