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27 Clockwise from top le : For some reason, I thought it necessary to put my phone in precarious positions multiple times throughout the trip to amass the poor-to-average- quality photos assembled here. This one taken at Finca San Antonio Las Lagunas is no exception. If you're able to look past the symmetry issues this photo boasts, you'll be able to see coff ee drying in a chute, the penultimate step in the most glorifi ed of processing methods: washed. Being able to witness where the cherries are initially dropped, to the chutes where they are sorted by weight, to the area where the fl oaters are removed, to where the beans are depulped, to the drying beds made my experience at the mill endlessly fulfi lling. Cupping at origin is certainly romanticized amongst baristas. I, too, assumed an angel would descend from above and embrace my tongue as I slurped loudly and—to my ears—impressively. Though there was no moment of angelic entanglement, and though my a empts to slurp loudly led to coughing more times than not, my time cupping at Cafe Kateu was phenomenal. As a team, we were able to go through the tables a couple of times and discuss the goods, the bads, and the uglies. More than anything, this experience gave me greater insight into the role of a green buyer and the diff erence between cupping fresh and rested coff ees. Pictured from le : Steve Cuevas, Eric Andersen, Patrick Burns, and Jenifer Hurd. Don't let the winning smiles and poses fool you: At the point in the day when this photo was shot, the crew you're staring at was a collective puddle of sweat. Leading up to this Kodak moment, we shuffl ed between cars and truck beds, visited a couple of farms, and—at least for me—got to fi nally experience the much anticipated rush of gazing upon and strolling through rows and rows of coff ee plants for the fi rst time. Needless to say, these ruddy-cheeked American "coff ee professionals" were undergoing a vast period of much needed enlightenment and humility. The traveling team for this most excellent origin adventure, from le to right: Brenda Cook, Winans Chocolate and Coff ee; Eric Andersen, FreshGround Roasting; Patrick Burns, Palace Coff ee Company; Jenifer Hurd, Genuine Origin; Joseph Fultano, Endgrain Coff ee; Steve Cuevas, Black Oak Coff ee Roasters; Jason Boye , a friend of Patrick Burns who was along for the ride; and lucky, lucky me. Usonian Provides Expert Advice and 6SHFLDOL]HG(TXLSPHQWWR&RHH5RDVWHUV Across North America. w w w . w e a r e u s o n i a n . c o m • Bar/Cafe/Roastery Design • Menu Development • &RHH%DU7UDLQLQJ • 5RDVW3UROLQJ • Green Buying Program • Equipment Sourcing & Solutions • Customized Venting • Preventive Maintenance Program • 5RDVWHU7HFKQLFDO6HUYLFH • Air Quality Permitting Our Start-to-Finish Support Will Guide You Through Any Project Including: Visit Us Online to Find Out More... @ u s o n i a n _ s y s t e m s t Includin g : Visit Us At: COFFEEFEST IN L.A. $XJXVWWKVW BOOTH#: 2054

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