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At top: Ofi r Ben-Harush, a partner and owner of WayCup Coff ee, is busy multitasking during a brief slow moment in the café. WayCup hosted the 3 Barista Jam event that took place in March 2017, which also celebrated Purim, the Jewish version of Halloween. That event was the fi rst to crown a Queen of La e Art: Daniella Shimshon (not pictured). Below: Disseminating information about coff ee and brew methods is a relatively new practice at specialty-coff ee shops in Tel Aviv. It wasn't too long ago that customers inquiring about their coff ee's growing origins and fl avor notes would be met with indiff erence or suspicion from the café staff . Although most of that secretive demeanor has faded in the community, that type of a itude is still prevalent among many café owners. The new generation of baristas working in those same cafés are the ones pushing boundaries by showing how friendliness and transparency can be a boon for Israel's larger coff ee sector. 34 barista magazine

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