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miss the coffee culture they left behind in their home countries. "I will be brave to say that it will be the Western immigrants that will end up pushing the local specialty-coffee scene forward, tooth and nail," says Shimshon Cook, a local coffee roaster in the Golan Heights area. "I'm not sure how long it will take to reach my area of the country, but that's all right. I'm from Texas. We're used to doing things on our own." London expat Gemma Farsi learned the hard way that Israeli bureaucracy isn't exactly encouraging to small businesses when she opened Israel's fi rst brew bar, the Brew Shop. "I was only featuring international roasters, so it was a big issue," Gemma recalls of the early days of her venture. "It just got to the point where I couldn't Above: Natalie Ben Or was the second-place winner of the Aroma Barista Championships 2017, and is considered among the city's top coff ee professionals. She is one of just a handful of women working in coff ee to be acknowledged for their cra in Israel. The Aroma Barista Championships is currently the only event in the country that provides a highly visible platform for baristas. However, only baristas working in Aroma's café branches can complete. Layan Ka (not pictured), who won fi rst place in the 2017 Aroma Barista Championships, was the fi rst woman to ever win the title. Top right: Here, barista Maor Mualem off ers up a la e at WayCup Coff ee. Baristas like Maor feel a sense of pride in their work these days in Tel Aviv. At certain cafés, the role of a barista is evolving, and customers are starting to value the barista's work, time, and cra . Being a barista is becoming a profession worth recognizing. Bo om right: Ran Lampert, once living and working in Tel Aviv as a barista, escaped the bustling city for a more peaceful, slower existence in the north where he could continue his work with coff ee through a specialty cafe called 4Coff ee in Kiryat Shmona. Specialty coff ee is very hard to fi nd in Israel outside of Tel Aviv, but 4Coff ee is making progress converting locals to enjoying new fi ltered methods and be er-quality coff ee. 36 barista magazine

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