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get around it. Even if I clarifi ed the rules with one person, it's the Middle East, so the same rule didn't matter the next day." As it turns out, that kind business model is neither sustainable nor worth the stress, and shortly after a year of being in business, Gemma closed the doors. Luckily, a small community had been formed by the Brew Shop's loyal customers, people who took pride in becoming informed coffee drinkers through tasting quality coffee at Gemma's coffeehouse. "The Brew Shop exposed a lot of people to their fi rst taste of specialty coffee," she says. "I feel just as we closed, other café owners started to incorporate a lot of the elements we were using into their cafés for the fi rst time. Many of my reg- ulars would start going to other cafés and asking tough questions, or want a specifi c fi lter method. So maybe in a small way, the Brew Shop did create some more demand for it. If you have customers asking for something every day, you'll be silly not to add it to the menu." Indeed, after years of customers asking for a variety of roast levels, some longstanding Tel Aviv cafés are fi nally acquiescing. MORE WORK TO BE DONE There is a distinct feeling of movement and excitement for what's to come as more Israeli baristas recognize their work as a profession and dedicate themselves to honing their craft. "There is some sort of drive in people's heart that pushes them to discover the meaning of a great cup of coffee, and sharing that passion with the customer through a cup of coffee," says Andrey Veitsman, a partner at the newly formed coffee education company called 3 Brewing. Of course, we have a lot more work to do, but for a moment, we can take a pause and feel good about the scene we have created, together, as a community, for our country. Above: One of the pioneers in bringing specialty coff ee to Israel, Cafelix on Shlomo ha- Melekh Street in Tel Aviv, treats its regulars well. The "Cups of Honor" Wall is only for those who frequent the café daily and have become "Cafelix Family." This recognition is honored by giving select customers' cups a space upon the "Wall of Regulars." Those customers are treated to discounts, as well, when using their prized cup. Le : The future of specialty coff ee in Israel is focused on the new generation of baristas—such as Jon Coronado pictured here—who take their work as baristas seriously. They want to be be er and to be seen as professionals working hard to perfect their cra . They have strong desires to a end world coff ee championships and represent their country. The future of specialty coff ee in Israel is looking bright. 38 barista magazine

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