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47 It's 9pm. Your mouth is dry. You have repeated the phrase 'hello judges' until those words have lost all meaning. You know the protocol for texture based evaluation so well you have forgotton your boyfriend's name. As you mumble origin information into a steaming jug while ignoring the judges, your mind wanders... How did i end up here? It's Friday night, I'm 25 and i am sure there are things people my age should be doing instead of this. But by this stage you have spilt a drop of milk, your coach yells stop and your reverie is broken. If only there was something else... drinks this time). We were lucky enough to camp out a stone's throw from Proud Mary in Collingwood, and of course promptly became regulars starting our second morning. Kimi- yo's cappuccino was picture-perfect (literally, I took a latte-art picture—something I rarely do anymore), and we split a fl ight of washed Caturra-variety coffees from three different producers in Colombia, brewed to order on a V60. The coffees were sparkling clean, full of snappy fruit notes like lime and plum and grape, balanced by caramel sweetness. Though they were all from the Huila region, and all the same variety, the nuance in the cups was unmistakable: One was most dynam- ic, one more fl oral, and the last with upfront sweetness. (OK, just one note about the food: buffalo yogurt with macerated berries, plums, ribbon-shaved celery, fennel, and olive oil. Yes, we know. Ridiculous.) Fortifi ed for a morning spent cupping coffees and preparing for the evening's Two Brews and a Lie, we proceeded to work hard until midday, when we managed to fi nd ourselves needing more coffee and a bit more food—funny how that happens. A quick S.O.S. (save our stomachs) to Michelle Johnson at Barista Hustle immediately resulted in plans to meet her and BH cohort Michael Cameron at St. Ali, another of the amazing coffee-food old guard. Lunch blah blah, but the coffee: What's not to love about a place that has a "Barista Breakfast" (one each of espresso, cappuccino, and a fi lter coffee) on the menu? There's also the "Coffee Adventure," a fl ight of six drinks showcasing whatever they think is best at the moment—and since coffee ad- venture is what we were in Melbourne for … After lunch and a quick pop by the soon- to-be-upgraded Barista Hustle offi ce, Noah, Kimiyo, and I jetted off to sneak in an espres- so at The Kettle Black, a stunningly simple café housed in, well, a house—an all-white one, despite the name. A round of single-ori- gin Burundi espresso as well as a taste of the house espresso blend got us revved up and Seven Seeds focuses a great deal on transparency in green-buying practices, and hosts weekly public cuppings to provide extra education to consumers and coff ee enthusiasts alike.

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