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Stuff Joshua loves Kinglake 3ml graduated pipettes. Found easily in bulk on Amazon. I love stuff Joshua Dew President Vagrant Coffee, Baltimore Why do you love pipettes? When making signature beverages, it is often a myster y to control per fection in taste. Rather than making big batches, individual drinks allow for conser vation of ingredients and materials. However, when only making a drink for one, it's difficult to verify it tastes the way you anticipate. That's where pipettes come in. Much like tasting spoons in fine-dining cooking, pipettes allow you to taste your product without introducing things into the beverage you don't want present. How do you use them on bar? When making a signature beverage, and after combining various ingredients, you can use the pipette to taste some of what you've made without sacrificing the look or having to drink out of a customers' cup. Vagrant Coffee is a mobile business, and you often cater at events. Are they particularly useful when you're making coffee at an event? If so, how? This depends on the event. While I don't recommend tasting ever y beverage you make, it becomes kind of a quality-control mechanism. What do your coffee peers think of them? I honestly haven't seen any other baristas using them. I have only really seen some swanky bartenders using this technique on some of their signature beverages. Anything else to add? I think that there has been this idea that a good barista just knows their craft well enough to make a cup blind and have some sort of confidence that it will turn out right. However, as most baristas have experienced, there is that occasional customer who complains that their drink is too bitter or acidic, and says that something must have gone wrong, or whatever other random excuse to get rid of their drink. Pipettes help solve this issue before it's even started. IT'S JUST SO SIMPLE Introducing Baristatude Simply, a new line built on simplicity of ingredients and with customer interest at heart. Created with only a handful of ingredients—Colombian coffee, real milk, and sugar—Baristatude Simply flavors include Simply Mocha Latte, Simply French Vanilla Latte, Simply Caramel Latte, and Simply Double Espresso. For café owners looking for versatility, simplicity, and consistency, this line is for you. Baristatude Simply is offered in 2-pound bags, six to a case. THE WHOLE OAT Today, the idea of producing a milk directly from oats instead of first feeding oats to a cow and letting the cow process them into milk sounds remarkably sustainable. Back when Oatly started in the 1990s in Sweden, however, most people thought it was a pretty wild idea. That's cool—ever ything has its time, and now's the time for Oatly! Oatly steams and pours like whole milk, but it's 100-percent plant based, gluten-free, and has no added sugar or GMOs. 70 barista magazine

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