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very bad routines, which they had to see," she says with a sly grin. As for choosing the coffee, Yanina wanted to help Agnieszka fi nd a coffee "that spoke to her from the world stage," she says. "We wanted to make sure that we could offer coffee fi t for the world stage, but we also wanted her to be able to make her own choice." Yanina couldn't have been more delighted with Agnieszka's decision: "She chose one of the ex- perimental CM Selections lots we had developed with Ayana and Meseret in Mesina, Ethiopia." Proj- ect Origin's CM Selections coffees are processed using the carbonic maceration method made famous by Sasa on the 2015 WBC stage. As Yanina is passionate about promoting women in the specialty-coffee sector, she was particularly excited that Agnieszka chose a coffee from the ZB washing station, which is operated by a woman coffee producer, Meseret. Yanina's comments bring to mind an R.S. Grey quote that is beautiful in its simplicity: "She believed she could, so she did." For Agnieszka though, it's all still sinking in. When I comment on what a big responsibility it is to be the fi rst woman World Barista Champion, her eyes go wide as she says, "Oh, yes, it is! I am afraid I won't be able to handle it, that I'm not a good person for this. But of course I will do my best. I think I just have to look closer, think what I can do, and talk to as many women as I can—and just hear them." WE AT BARISTA MAGAZINE were thrilled to get up close and personal with Agnieszka Rojewska before she won the World Barista Championship in a cover and feature article for our Octo- ber + November 2017 issue. In that interview, Agnieszka went into depth about her forma- tive years and her history (so far!) in coffee. You can read the article and see the terrifi c photos shot for us by Błażej Szydzisz via the Barista Magazine ePub, which you can access for free at Or you can download our app for the full issue. The Barista Mag app is available on iTunes, Google- Play, and Amazon, absolutely free. Want to own a copy of the print issue? The few we have left are going fast. Buy yours today at Crowds gathered to watch and take photos of Agnieszka at the Polish Brewers Cup one week a er she won the World Barista Championship. Not only was her WBC win historic because she became the fi rst woman winner, but she was the fi rst Pole to ever reach the WBC fi nals. Poland's specialty-coff ee community is developing at a rapid pace—it is a country to watch in coming years on the world coff ee competition circuit. Agnieszka would like to thank: MY CLOSEST TEAMMATES, Paula and Kamila, for all the hard work backstage. They are like Alfred for Batman. Sasa, Sam, Hugh, Matt, Yanina, and all the crew from Australia. My mum and dad. #TeamPoland that was cheering all the way, and some of them even lost their voice. For all those people that supported me all the way from when I started: Tom Obracaj, Leszek Odija, Michał Błasiak, Brisman Crew, Marcin, Leszek ... I'm not even able to list them all. But the one who helped me back when I was more shy and not getting great results in competition, the one who saw through the mess I was that I had the potential to do better, the person that told me back in Seattle, "One day, you will win the WBC— not today, but you will," that person who had undoubted faith that I would be able to do amazing things—and she was pretty right— that was my former coach, Ania. 78 barista magazine

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