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Our Champion Words from coffee women around the world "I CRIED HAPPY TEARS for hours when Agnieszka won the WBC. I was so happy for her reaching her personal goals, but also because an important milestone of the championship was reached. The WBC has been won by amazing baristas in various parts of the world, and many milestones have been reached. This is probably our biggest yet and I'm so honored that I'm a part of it. Aga is an inspiring role model that gives confi dence to our diverse indus- try. Jibbý!" Sonja Björk Grant Cofounder of the WBC; WBC judge since 2000 Roaster, barista, trainer, Kaffi brugghúsið "SHE DID IT! I know it's her win, and she deserves every single speck of the honor, but if I'm honest, it felt like we all won that day. Our community has spent countless hours of energy focused around gender and competitions, and Agnieszka's win was confi rmation that it's working! A sign to help keep us focused and working on the greater good. Her win was outright hope for the future of our specialty-coffee community." Mansi Chokshi Director of experience, Specialty Coffee Association Co-vice President of BOD, International Women's Coffee Alliance "I ADMIRE AGNIESZKA'S TENACITY and her desire to surpass herself, a quality that only true champions have. She has become more than a role model for all the women in coffee. I would like to thank her for never giving up, for being the face of many women. I thank her for the hope she has given us." Sylvia Gutiérrez WBC judge since 2009 Director, Asociación Mexicana de Cafés y Cafeterías de Especialidad A.C. "WE WOMEN CAN DO IT! This is amply proved by Agnieszka Rojewska, who, with her courage, her determination, her dedi- cation, her attention to detail, her persever- ance, and her passion for coffee, broke the male bastion of the World Barista Champi- onships. Congratulations, Agnieszka May your tribe increase!" Sunalini Menon President, Coffeelab Ltd., Bangalore India "THE FACT NO WOMAN HAD WON BE- FORE affected perception more than any- thing. Several women before had done well and been in the fi nals. However, it is clear that perception is reality. I think the biggest meaning of this is 'possibility'—anyone can win. It means the best person won, regard- less of anything else. Anyone can display skills and passion and showcase and share incredible coffees. In barista champions we look for someone who can be a role model. I'm completely certain Agnieszka can be that and an inspiration to many!" Roukiat Delrue WBC head judge Director of Q and education, Coffee Quality Institute "IN THINKING OF AGNIESZKA'S WIN, what I believe resonates most profoundly across women in coffee is the clear demon- stration, and subsequent recognition, of her expertise, craft, and focus. Her win on the world stage, and all of the work leading to it, decisively confi rms what so many women exhibit across the value chain: that women are bold leaders, formidable competitors, and innovative contributors working inclusively to advance the industry." Kellem Agnew Emanuele President, International Women's Coffee Alliance "I CAN'T EXPRESS HOW THRILLED I WAS when I saw that a woman had won the WBC. It is always inspiring and exhilarating to see a woman break through and succeed, especially when it's the fi rst time. Kudos!" Rachel Peterson Coffee Manager, Hacienda La Esmeralda 80 barista magazine

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