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"I HAD LONG SINCE STOPPED HOLDING MY BREATH for this moment, but that it has arrived and been achieved by one of the most impressive, hardest working, and fearless competitors, woman or not, just sweetens the emotion. I cannot congratulate Agnieszka Rojewska enough on becoming the 2018 World Barista Champion. Her win was her own, but the result was felt in the hearts of so many around the world." Candice Madison Former WBC judge Director of education, Irving Farm Coffee "AGNIESZKA'S WIN IS, ABOVE ALL, A TESTAMENT TO HER TALENT, drive, and hard work. It also highlights what the coffee sector can do together when we recognize the barriers that exist and work collaboratively to reduce them. The opportunity to break down these barriers is beyond women baris- tas and competitors—it can apply to women throughout the entire value chain, and other marginalized individuals and groups wherever they may be. We have a big opportunity as the sector to: • Recognize the roles and unique value of diverse participants in the sector • Acknowledge the challenges we face as an industry with regards to equity—chal- lenges which are present along the entire supply chain and around the globe • Admit that there is a problem • Seek diverse input to build creative solutions • Provide training and support to address the issues • Appreciate and remunerate the hard work of all in the process • And fi nally, celebrate the victories, starting with Agnieszka's! Congratulations! Her win is also a testament that when we work as a team, the sky is truly the limit for every one of us." Kimberly Easson Strategic director, the CQI Partnership for Gender Equity "HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO AG- NIESZKA with sincere gratitude. She made history. We have been waiting for this day for 19 years. I bless her from my heart because she did an amazing job. It's not only about gender. She put much effort into coffee for such a long time. Her win encourages everyone from all over the world. She is truly an ambassador of coffee." Miki Suzuki Barista Champion of Japan 2011, 2012, 2017 Barista trainer, Maruyama Coffee Co. Ltd. "I AM THRILLED THAT A WOMAN'S SKILL, innovation, passion, and heart have finally been recognized on the world stage. It's both a continuation and a sign of what is to come from women across our industry, on the producing side and the service side, performing their jobs with excellence and passion. I hope this ac- complishment emboldens women across the industry to fully express their skill sets and knowledge with confidence and from their viewpoint." Andrea Allen Co-owner, Onyx Coffee Lab "WHEN I JOINED THE WBC movement fi ve years into its inception, I envisioned fair opportunities for youth in coffee, men and women alike. I held my breath on many occa- sions in that charged space. Congratulations, Agnieszka! Your inspiring win brings hope to young women working as baristas and giving it their best shot every single day. I am excited to see more coming out to compete for their rightful place on the winner's stage." Mbula Musau WBC judge 2009–2011 Founder and chief education offi cer, Utake Coffee Limited "AGNIESZKA TAKING THE TITLE OF WORLD CHAMPION is awesome! Not only did she clearly win on points, she won with a simple performance based on the core of what I personally believe a barista should be: customer-service focused, and where the espresso is the star. She is approachable, humble, honest, and present. I simply could not be prouder of this year's champion." Emma Markland Webster Barista Champion of New Zealand, 2002 WBC judge since 2003 "WOMEN BARISTAS NOW HAVE A CHAMPION to look to, who has not only won WBC, but multiple major international competitions. Aga is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best barista in the world. Her multiple wins aren't just prominent visual representations of nonmale excellence; they demand that the rest of the industry catch up to her. I'm so inspired, and personally can't wait to see how this win inspires a younger generation of baristas." Erika Vonie Coffee Masters Champion 2017 New York City "I'M ECSTATIC TO FINALLY HAVE a barista champion who represents what our community should stand for. My interest in barista championships is revitalized in seeing that it is possible to have a champion who is willing to use the stage to not just further their own career but talk about issues and realities of our industry." Elle Jensen Founder, Cherry Roast Owner/barista, Amethyst Coffee "AS A BIG FAN OF BARISTAS, I am thrilled to see a woman fi nally win the WBC. I've been inviting baristas to visit my family farms in El Salvador since way back in 2005, when baristas really weren't in the habit of traveling to source. I still get a thrill when I can see women baristas experiencing a coffee farm for the fi rst time—it's like their eyes open and they see that really anything is possible for them." Aida Batlle Coffee producer, Cup of Excellence winner, Aida Batlle Selection "I MET AGNIESZKA IN BRAZIL during the third edition of Barista & Farmer in 2016. I saw in her a very competitive, pas- sionate, and focused person. As a woman who is part of an industry controlled by men, 82 barista magazine

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