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this is a big step forward. I'm very proud of her accomplishments and I'm sure she is going to be an inspiration for many other women in the coffee world. When I saw her competing online in the WBC, I was very impressed. She has all the traits of a cham- pion: personality for competition, excellent barista skills, and lots of coffee knowledge. I feel very proud of, joyful for, and, most of all, empowered by Agnieszka representing women all over the world as the fi rst woman barista champion after 19 years of the WBC. This is awesome!" Rebecca Atienza Codirector, Barista & Farmer Owner, Hacienda San Pedro Coffee Shop "FIRST, CONGRATULATIONS TO AGNIESZKA on her win! She will go into the history books as the WBC 2018 champion! It was high time we had a female contestant on the top. It is important for the diversity, balance, and the future of the competition. Why [has it] taken 19 years before we got a female winner? I do not know. With Agnieszka winning, I am sure there will be a positive ripple effect. I hope the effect is that young female baristas around the world get motivated by Agniesz- ka's win, get inspired, and recognize the fact that women are as good as their fellow male baristas. Anyone that has high work ethics, has educated themselves, strives for better results, trains, works hard, and has the stamina to do the job needed, can reach the top of the WBC and the top of whatever they set their mind to. Agnieszka will become the female beacon. I will not overdramatize the fact that Agnieszka is a female winner. She is the winner! The best always wins. In other words, Agnieszka is the world's best barista. She is not the best female barista—she is the best barista in the world, no matter gender." Tone Elin Liavaag Cofounder, WBC; former WBC judge "THIS IS A VICTORY for every underrepre- sented person who has fought for equality and equity. Many small moments of inclusion led to this one pivotal breakthrough. It will take many more breakthroughs to make lasting change, the change being equal representation in com- petitions and positions of power. I'm grateful to Agnieszka for all her hard work. She has advanced our entire industry one step closer toward a balanced scale." Molly Flynn Chief project leader, #coffeetoo "WE OFTEN SAY THAT COMPETITION works as a catalyst, boosting and extend- ing the diversifi cation and intensifi cation of your learning process, obliging you to keep pushing yourself, and be aware and careful of what you want to represent and trans- mit. Agnieszka is the perfect representation of that approach, and she is probably one of the most driven coffee professionals I know. She has been taking part in so many different competitions, and has always been reaching the highest levels in all of them; it is not a surprise to see her taking the fi rst place at WBC this year. "And yes, fi nally a woman won! But not because she is a woman—she won because she's talented, dedicated, and passionate. For me, it is all about the person, the hu- man, and [the] values behind them. Her col- lection of skills is truly impressive, and she is defi nitely inspiring so many people at so many levels, no matter male or female. She will be (and is already) an incredible am- bassador for our industry." Charlotte Malaval Barista Champion of France, 2015, 2016 Green-coffee buyer, Toby's Estate "AGNIESZKA ROJEWSKA STANDS ON A PLATFORM, crafted from pushing the lim- its, seeing through the 'no's', moving beyond the pain and hurts into joy and happiness, and all the sweat and love from every other human who shares the same virtuous quality. A reminder to us all that there is no shadow without light on the other side." Kristyn Wade Codirector, Cherry Roast Manager, Dandy Lion Coffee "The moment I heard Agnieszka won, a huge wave of joy rushed over me. My heart did a little happy dance, and I was overwhelmed with happiness for her and our fe- male barista community. What an amazing feat! The future holds many possibilities for a woman to embrace her perseverance and confi dence in order to ride the waves of barista competitions. Much love and congratulations to Ms. Rojewska." Phuong Tran Barista Champion of the United States, 2005 Owner, Lava Java 83

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