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"IN ISRAEL, THERE ARE SO FEW WOM- EN working in coffee who believe in their work as a barista. It's hard for them to see the value in their craft. I have to really press them into competing for local events, like barista jams, because they never think of themselves as 'good enough.' Aga's win changes everything for us: We are now World Barista Champions. When you empower women, you empower everyone. Our coffee industry will be better because of her win." Kaie Bird Cofounder, Israel AeroPress Championship Founding partner, 3 Brewing "A FEMALE WORLD BARISTA CHAM- PION is a fi rst step on the long path toward gender equality in our little world of specialty coffee. Women coffee profes- sionals can now look at the 'best baristas in the world' and fi nally see themselves represented. My hope is that Rojes's win will inspire and encourage young women to feel comfortable on that stage. Eventually, I'd like to see women competing in num- bers proportional to their representation in the shop." Kat Melheim Founder and editor, Coffee People Zine "WOMEN IN THE COFFEE COMMUNITY has been a big topic recently. I don't see her win as a matter of gender but more a result of discipline, talent, and hard work. It is still a very male-dominant business, but this doesn't mean that women are less successful. Maybe it's fi nally the end of the mental gender divi- sion in the coffee business." Nora Šmahelová Barista Champion of Germany, 2002; WBC judge since 2011 Co-owner, Chapter One Coffee Berlin "AGNIESZKA ROJEWSKA IS A WIN- NER! She's hardworking and humble whilst full of the right kind of attitude. Agnieszka is down with the kids and up with the stars, and showing us all that this is actually the same place. Well deserved and congratu- lations!" Joanna Alm Managing director, Drop Coffee Roasters "I'M A NEW COMPETITOR learning about and experiencing fi rsthand how underrepre- sented women are in the competition circuit. Seeing Agnieszka win the WBC was nothing short of incredible. This is more than just a win for Agnieszka, this is a win for everyone who is working toward a more inclusive and intersectional industry. Agnieszka is an inspi- ration whom I look up to. Congrats, girl!" Becca Woodard Brewers Cup Champion of the United States, 2018 Head trainer, George Howell Coffee "FOR 18 YEARS, one of the most pres- tigious titles in our industry, World Barista Champion, has been reserved for men. With Aga's win, women can fi nally see themselves in a WBC. This is no doubt a historic moment but I believe it has the capacity to change the landscape of the competitions from this day forward." Laila Ghambari Barista Champion of the United States, 2012 Director of education and training opera- tions, Stumptown Coffee Roasters "ABOUT F'ING TIME! We're incredibly proud of what Agnieszka has achieved. Hopefully, this will open the fl oodgates for more women to be recognized for their capa- bilities and achievements across the industry." Fi O'Brien + Casey Lalonde Directors, Girls Who Grind Coffee "Finally! It's taken 19 years, and it is an honor to have this amazing coffee pro- fessional represent baristas. I hope this momentous occasion inspires women and other minorities who are underrepresented in the coffee industry to achieve more, have their voices be heard, and accomplishments recognized regardless of circumstance." Bronwen Serna Barista Champion of the United States, 20 04 84 barista magazine

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