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91 San José Poaquil, Guatemala Producer Santiago Culpatan and agronomist Gaspar Poz In 2015, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS), DQRQSURÀWFRŲHHIRXQGDWLRQFUHDWHGE\WKH 1HXPDQQIDPLO\EURXJKWLWVIUDPHZRUNIRU FKDQJHDQGHQWUHSUHQHXUVKLSWR&KLPDOWHQDQJR ZLWKWKHJRDOHPSRZHULQJFRŲHHIDPLOLHV WRLPSURYHWKHLUVLWXDWLRQV6LQFHWKHQ SURGXFHUVKDYHLQFUHDVHGWKHLU\LHOGVE\ SHUFHQWDQGWKHLULQFRPHVE\SHUFHQW ,W·VRXUUHDOSOHDVXUHDQGKRQRUWRZRUNZLWK WKHVHSURGXFHUV³DQGWREULQJWKHLUEHDXWLIXO FRŲHHVWR\RX Above: Just prior to the 2017 WBC, organizers announced a new option for competitors to vary the layout of their performance tables, instead of regulating all competitors to the same confi guration. The change was announced too close to the 2017 WBC for most competitors to get comfortable with the idea, but the Amsterdam event saw many competitors playing with the opportunities varying their table arrangement aff orded. One such competitor was Canadian Barista Champion Cole Torode, whose design kept him face-to-face with his judges for an unprecedented amount of his performance time. Right: United States Barista Champion Cole McBride embraces Agnieszka Rojewska on her advancement to the fi nal round. Of his fi rst experience at the WBC, Cole says, "It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I hope I have the chance to take that world stage again one day."

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