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2nd place Lex Wenneker, Friedhats Coffee/ESW Barista Champion of the Netherlands What was the inspiration for your signature drink? I wanted to use the two components that had the most impact on the fl avor of my coffee, as inspiration, to push the boundaries of that coffee even further. The two components were the process- ing method and the variety of the coffee. To represent these, I used fermented lychee to represent the processing method because this involved fermentation, and I used a lavender syrup infused with the zest of a citric fruit called the Buddha's Hand, to represent the bright and fl oral notes often found in the Geisha variety that I used. I combined those in a syphon, using a nitrogen cartridge to combine everything. What coffee did you use? The coffee is from a Colombian farm named Cerro Azul. Located in the Cauca Valley (west part of Colombia), it's one of fi ve farms owned by Cafe Granja La Esperanza. How did it work in concert with the rest of your performance? The performance basically told the story of the farm, linking every- thing to fl avor. The signature drink was inspired by the actions on the farm that made the coffee taste the way it did. What is the exact recipe for the drink? • 4 espressos with a ratio of 20 grams in, 50 grams out in 24 seconds. • 6 grams of an infusion of lavender syrup and Buddha's Hand zest (made by slow boiling for 20 hours: 10 grams of dried lavender fl ower, 200 grams of cane sugar, and 200 grams of fi ltered water). • 24 grams of fermented lychee juice All the ingredients are put in a syphon, charged with an N 2 car- tridge, and served in a cognac glass. Were there special drinking instructions for the judges? First, take in the aroma. Then swirl the glass twice, and then take two sips. Does the drink have a name? Interstellar X.O. Anything else to add about the drink? The lavender syrup with the lychee and the coffee gives the coffee new fl avors of cinnamon and blood orange. PHOTO BY JEFF HANN FOR WCE 93

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