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4th Place Michalis Katsiavos, The Underdog Barista Champion of Greece What was the inspiration for your signature drink? The inspiration of my signature beverage came out of my favorite desert, which is cheesecake. I wanted to make a beverage really unique, and for it to remind you of the fl avor of the cheesecake of course by highlighting the unique espresso taste of my coffee. What coffee did you use? I used a Geisha variety from Panama from the well-known Finca Deborah of Jamison Savage. And I want to thank him for trusting me and our roaster, Tasos Delichristos, with the amazing beans he produced this crop. We went on the farm to taste the coffee and we instantly fell in love with it. How did it work in concert with the rest of your performance? The processing of my coffee was so unique that I tried to use similar techniques in the ingredients for my beverage, and serve an absolutely new fl avor experience. A seed-to-cup connection was made, and [the] judges seemed to appreciate this. What is the exact recipe for the drink? I added two double shots of Geisha Deborah espresso in a mixing glass with one ice block. Then I added 10 grams of my raspberry reduction that I prepared on stage in an anaerobic environment in a vacuum bag. This ingredient gave a red-fruit character to my drink. The other ingredient was 10 mililters of oleo saccharum syrup that I prepared by leaving peels of limes under dark brown sugar for 8 hours. Then I added fresh lime juice and stirred it all together until the sugar was completely melted. The result was a sweet- and-sour syrup. Also, oleo saccharum upgraded the winey acidity of my beans. And fi nally, I added 10 milliliters of full-fat cream milk so as to give a buttery mouthfeel in my drink, and in combination with oleo saccharum, there appeared an amazing butter-biscuit fl avor. In conclusion, by stirring all these ingredients together, they re- mind you of the fl avor of a raspberry cream cheesecake. Were there special drinking instructions for the judges? After I served this amazing cold beverage, the only thing the judg- es had to do was to enjoy a new and unique fl avor experience. Does the drink have a name? We didn't want to name it, as it is a unique beverage and I wanted judges to remember how it tasted and not how I named it. PHOTO BY JEFF HANN FOR WCE 95

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