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5th Place Cole Torode, Rosso Coffee Roasters Barista Champion of Canada What was the inspiration for your signature drink? There were two pieces of inspiration for this signature drink. The fi rst was the anaerobic fer- mentation stage that the coffee had undergone. This is a style of fermentation that Felipe and his team at La Palma y El Tucan (LPET) have been utilizing since 2014, and it brings out some beautiful fl avor qualities in the coffee, most specifi cally complex acidity through an increase in the presence of lactic acid, lifting tropical fruit tones and amazing texture into the cup profi le. The second inspiration was rooted in trust, which was my overall theme. To showcase this, I used the Sidra [variety] by itself. By isolating it in this beverage I was able to share the story of trust, which I have with LPET and their coffees and techniques. I also had the judges add an ingredient with the idea of showing that I trusted them to help me complete the story. What coffee did you use? I had two coffees in my set: The fi rst was a lactic Geisha, so anaerobically fermented, then pulped, aerobically fermented, washed, and dried. The second was a natural Sidra, also anaer- obically fermented, then left to dry with the full cherry intact as a natural. For the signature drink, I only used the Sidra, because this related heavily to my theme of trust and storytelling. Sidra is a coffee variety that I and my team at Rosso Coffee Roasters never actually worked with as of two weeks before the world champion- ships, and the reason I had the confi dence to showcase it on that stage was solely based on myself trusting Felipe and his team. That might sound crazy, but my national championship was a mere three weeks before worlds, and the entire theme and set—which was 100-percent different from nationals—came together based on this Sidra and the amount of trust that went into bringing it in without any samples, and then showcasing it at the world level. Hopefully this further showcases how important it is to establish trust in this industry, and to constantly share that through the platform of storytelling. How did it work in concert with the rest of your performance? With my whole theme being about trust and storytelling, this signature drink really tied everything together. It painted the setting for the coffee's production; it demonstrated trust within the anaerobic fermentation; it shared the story of Sidra; and it got the judges involved in the story as a whole. What is the exact recipe for the drink? 110 grams of Sidra (22 grams in, 20-second extraction, 55 grams out) chilled over ice, then aerated through two techniques and fi ltered through two stages of metal fi ltration, all with the idea of promoting clarity within the espresso, by spacing out the fl avor compounds and removing some of the suspended solids. Without clarity, trust is hard to establish. I added 10 grams of an anaerobic fermentation I created using 30 grams Cinchona bark, 30 grams of mixed citrus zests, 50 grams of raw white sugar, and 250 grams of distilled water, over the course of 48 hours in a cream whipper at a controlled temperature of 5°C. I then added 10 grams of orgeat, a simple syrup I made using 300 grams raw white sugar and 200 grams of almond milk at a low-medium heat. Served in a Glencairn whiskey glass to capture and focus aromatics. Before allowing the judges to evaluate the beverage, I had them pour 30 grams of Palo Santo essential oil over 150 grams of dry ice, to create a rolling aromatic cloud that mimics the rolling fogs of La Palma y El Tucan, and to create an aromatic sensation of pine, mint, and citrus. For fi nals, I also left them with a time-lapse of the sunset at LPET to further paint the setting and complete the story. That last part was really cheesy and for sure didn't add any points, but I loved it to bits. Were there special drinking instructions for the judges? Other than the Palo Santo essential oil being poured on the dry ice and watching the sunset, no instructions. Just sip, savor, and enjoy. Does the drink have a name? Trust, the Story. Anything else to add about the drink? It was an amazing medley of acidity, sweetness, and bitters. The balance was beautiful and the progression of these fl avors was fascinating. The acidity struck fi rst as pineapple and orange blossom; the sweetness through the middle was like a melted milk chocolate; and the trailing bitters sat on your tongue in such a pleasant way, kind of like jasmine and rose. The way the fl avors shifted through the experience was amazing. For sure my favorite signature drink I've put together in my eight years of competition. PHOTO BY JEFF HANN FOR WCE 96 barista magazine

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