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Clockwise from top le : Erna in her rightful seat at the previously male-dominated cupping table at the San Francisco–based coff ee brokerage B.C. Ireland, which she eventually bought and renamed Knutsen Coff ees Ltd. Erna at center, with her siblings growing up in Norway. Tom Chips of took this photo in August 2014. In search of a coff ee moisture meter he'd seen on Craigslist, Tom says, "I walked upstairs into a nondescript second-story downtown San Francisco offi ce, and in a very large front offi ce room, at the far end, sat a very kind woman behind a desk, and my knees got a li le weak," wrote Tom that day on his website. "This cheery woman perked right up and greeted me warmly, and it hit me who she was. I was standing right there in front of Erna Knutsen herself, in the fl esh. She's a delight to visit with, still sharp as a tack, wi y and funny as heck." Erna and her longtime partner, John Rapinchuk, at the SCAA Expo in 2014, where Erna wa s presented with her second Lifetime Achievement Award. Says her longtime friend and colleague Donald Schoenholt, "She built a reputation as a woman on a mission, with a skilled palate, an infectious laugh, and items that others did not off er. She called them 'specialty' coff ees." Beautiful Erna caught in a portrait, circa 1940. 110 barista magazine

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