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Continued on page 20 Gorilla Gear is looking (and grinding) sharp John "Gorilla" Gordon, the multi-time U.K. and 2018 New Zealand barista champion, has redefined the term "cutting-edge" coffee with his Gorilla Gear grinder burrs. The pre-seasoned aftermarket choppers are fine-tuned to create a superior, even grind profile, and they have a special coating that "has an extremely low surface-friction rating," John says, which "reduces static and allows the coffee to move easier with less power." Frustrated with the gap in the market for good-quality grinders with top-notch burrs, John wanted to develop a burr set that would show less wear, create less heat, and put less stress on the grinder's motor and other parts. "After a lot of testing, there were some factors that really came to light, and simple processes I felt could be done to a set of burrs that would change how a grinder functions dramatically," John explains. "I felt like there was an opportunity to help improve the process of grinding coffee overall without having to heavily modify grinders." Available directly through a wholesale program John established just this past July, these burrs are designed to pair up with your Mythos One, Mazzer Robur or Kold, and Mahlkönig EK43. Anfim and Mahlkönig K30 users sit tight: "Gorilla" Gordon has some gear in the works just for you, coming soon. For your other bar Small-batch craft-coffee liqueurs are a trend of late, capitalizing on the complex and dynamic flavors of coffee to make spirits that are interesting, unique, and just offbeat enough to be a hip new take on the staid old brands like Kahlua and Tia Maria. "There are the old coffee liqueurs on the market and there are a few craft liqueurs as well, but in my opinion, none of them really do justice to the coffee bean itself," said Dr. Michael Griffo, co-owner and head distiller at Griffo Distillery in Petaluma, Calif. Griffo partnered with Equator Coffees + Teas to make a cold-brew coffee liqueur that Equator Director of Coffee Ted Stachura says plays nicely on the Fair Trade and organic–certified coffee's "intense fruit and floral characteristics." Farther north, Portland, Ore.'s Water Avenue Coffee has also teamed with New Deal Distillery, to craft a delicate, layered, and warm cascara liqueur, using dried coffee cherries from Pacamara lots in El Salvador. This spicy-fruity-floral spirit is "excellent with soda and an orange twist, in an Old Fashioned, a Pimm's Cup, or any number of more potent concoctions," New Deal said. Just remember: Always caffeinate responsibly—and on-trend, naturally. 18 barista magazine

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