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attendance at the 2018 Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat, who might other- wise not be able to afford it. Texas Coffee Traders fi nanced the scholar- ship while #shestheroaster took care of the specifi cs. In June, #shes- theroaster announced the winners: Jamiee Juhee Noh, lead roaster for De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters in Toronto, who received a full ride to the Retreat*; along with two partial scholarships of $400 each that were fi nanced through T-shirt sales, and were awarded to Karla Quiñones of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Baylee Engberg of Tacoma, Wash. "One hundred dollars off a [registration fee] that costs $2,000 and is in a remote location where nobody can travel [without spending money on airfare, etc]…is just not a good opportunity," Jen explains. "We needed to make sure that our scholarships made these opportuni- ties fi nancially accessible." Jen wanted to ensure that the majority of the scholarship winners hailed from locales outside of the United States. "It's important to us to make sure that we don't become an only U.S.-focused group, and our scholarships are [available] to self-identifying women worldwide," Jen says. "We hope to provide more scholarship opportunities on several continents." One essential aspect of the #shestheroaster scholarships, Jen says, is that they're not reserved for veteran roasters. They're designed to enable anyone interested in coffee roasting to access the best educa- tion and training. Jen's plans for the future involve adding more scholarships to the #shestheroaster portfolio. The next scholarship is already in the works, but at press time, Jen couldn't share details yet. "We're start- ing to turn into a little scholarship machine," Jen says. She's proud of the fact that #shestheroaster is entirely volun- teer-run. One-hundred percent of the money raised through T-shirt sales and other events—such as a sold-out workshop held in Seattle in April at the SCA Expo—goes toward purchasing more mer- chandise to sell for funding scholarships, or for the scholarships themselves. "No one is paid, and everybody feels passionate about it," she explains. The #shestheroaster movement is still in its infancy and is looking for more involvement and investment from anyone in the coffee indus- try interested in getting involved. Here are a few ways to do it: • Buy a shirt: T-shirts are available for $25 plus shipping at • Help with the paperwork: #shestheroaster is currently registered as a not-for-profi t, but "we would love to be a nonprofi t, so if there's anybody who has experience doing the paperwork…and especially if they're a woman and a roaster, we would enjoy learning [from them]," Jen says. • Sponsor a scholarship: If you're an individual or company looking to make a lasting impact, consider teaming with #shestheroaster to offer or contribute to a scholarship to give more female-identifying and nonbinary people a chance to learn roasting or improve their craft. • Attend an event: Find more details about upcoming events on the events page at —Victoria Brown * Illness kept full-scholarship recipient Jaimee Juhee Noh from attending the Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat in August, so #shesth- eroaster is applying her scholarship to travel and registration for the Roaster Camp in Portugal in October. SUBSCRIBE TODAY AT WWW.BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM Barta Magine Magical! 23

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