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For the fi nal round of each Crush the Rush, we introduced two challenges that plague every Saturday-morning café opener: The mid-shift milk delivery and the coworker who drank too mu … I mean, "got food poisoning" the night before and had to call in sick. Teams were tasked with stocking their milk fridges with Oatly, bussing all the dirty dishes in the café and completing their drink rushes to be crowned La Marzocco Crush the Rush Champion. Ten cities; eight weeks; 9,542 miles driven; 240 competitors; 2000+ attendees; and one Josh Littlefi eld. The La Marzocco team is small but creative, driven, and always willing to get it done. We also couldn't have done it without our selfl ess team of hardworking volunteers at every stop. Judges had three seconds to decide whether drinks were perfect or needed to be remade. Life on the road isn't easy. Being away for months, long stretches alone on the road, the stress of challenges at every stop—it all adds up. But at every event, seeing the excitement from the community was a refreshing reminder that there are so many wonderful people in the coffee community, and it's an incredible thing to bring them all together. 29

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