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P U L L : E V E N T S It was fascinating watching teams strategize and come up with different methods of producing drinks in the fastest speed possible. Pre-dosing, decaf coffee, distribution tools, milk sharing, and pouring tableside—we saw it all. In the end, staying clean and communicating well were the faculties that led teams to victory: "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." For all 10 of our events, we produced Crush the Rush at the locations of La Marzocco's wholesale partners. Not only did we have some incredible venues along the way, but it also gave us the chance to showcase the folks we work with and bring a crowd into their spaces. Each team was made up of three individuals: A shot puller, a milk steamer, and a runner to transport drinks to judges at a table 15 feet away. During the process, so many things could go wrong: If shots were pulled outside of parameters, or if drinks were spilled from nervous, shaky hands on the long walk up, teams were required to repeat and complete the task. Only perfection was accepted by our visual judges, and if the milk was bad, the cups were underfi lled, or drips were visible anywhere, the team would get dinged by the big red buzzer, signaling a dreaded remake. The Los Angeles Crush the Rush was wild. Even though it was the hottest day of the year and our event was held at an outdoor space, coffee folks from all over Southern California showed up to play. Among the highlights: a dance party, wildly skilled teams, and a G&B cheering section that could rival a World Series game at Dodger Stadium. It was the most thrilling coffee event I've ever seen. In order to help us fi nd volunteers and sponsors at each stop, we worked with local coffee community groups the Houston Coffee Collective, the Bay Area Coffee Community, Coffee ATL, New Gotham, DMV Coffee, RMCCA, and so many more. They were passionately supportive in helping us make the events run smoothly and taking care of us in their cities. Crush the Rush photographers: Seattle: Liz Chai; Portland, Ore.: Wille Yli-Luoma; San Francisco: Lindsey Shea; Los Angeles: Marta Mandryto; Houston: Marlen Mendoza + Paul Yoon; Atlanta: Liz Chai; Washington, D.C.: Alex Mangione; Chicago: Sam Ortiez; Kansas City, Mo.; Ian Walla; and Denver: Daniel Mendoza. 30 barista magazine

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