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Stuff Kat loves Pronoun pins. Available at,, I love stuff Kat Adams Barista Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, San Diego Why do you love them? I love that my pronoun pin is cute, simple, and a really versatile accessory to help me make a statement without needing to say a word. When did you start wearing your pin in the café? When I purchased this pin over a year ago, I actually ordered two so one could permanently live on my work apron! The other splits time between my backpack, denim jackets, or those lanyards you get at coffee trade shows, barista camp, and coffee competitions. Any reaction or comments from customers and/or coworkers? I get a comment on this pin almost every day! Sometimes it's folks who have no idea what it means, and ask if it's a band or something. Sometimes it's folks who ask if those are my pronouns, or let me know they've heard of other people in the world who use neutral pronouns. Either way, it almost always starts a conversation. Do your coworkers wear them, too? None of my coworkers currently do, but some of my cisgender coffee friends wear them in solidarity. It was really special when they surprised me with matching pins. Has wearing your pronoun pin helped you do your job better/ more effectively, etc.? Absolutely. It's not only a subtle reminder to the team I work with, it's also a signal to the guests in the café. The less energy I have to dedicate to correcting those who misgender me, the more I'm able to focus on making coffee and connecting with people. Anything else to say about them? You should get one, too! Pronoun pins can be worn by anyone: transgender, cisgender, whomever! Asserting your own pronouns normalizes the conversation and can make it safer and more comfortable for trans and queer folks around you to self-identify in their own ways. PHOTO BY MIGGY TRINIDAD LET'S GET PUMPKIN The leaves are falling, and autumn's in the air—it's the per fect time for pumpkin on your café menu. The folks at Barista 22 want you to know their new Pumpkin Pie Sauce tastes outta this world. It's made with real pumpkin purée and has flecks of ground nutmeg and clove stirred right in. It's available now, and is sure to become the key to your customers' new favorite fall drinks. ELEVATE YOUR HOME GRIND The Virtuoso coffee grinder by Baratza makes for a serious coffee experience at home. With 40 steps of adjustment, it can grind coarse enough for French press, fine enough for espresso, and ever ything in between. The steel conical burrs give a consistent grind, time after time. The sleek design and small footprint look great on all counters. STEADY DOES IT AGAIN AND AGAIN Poursteady builds semi- automated pourover coffee machines that boast unprecedented speed, precision, and reliability by combining automation, technology, and design. The elegant machines have created substantial buzz in the industr y already by helping specialty-coffee shops make more consistent pourover with less waste and shorter wait times. The 5-cup PS1 and 3-cup PS1-3c can be programmed using any online device. 66 barista magazine

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