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Continued on page 20 PHOTO BY ALEX POND AeroPress on the Big Screen Documenting coffee on the road means brewing a lot of the stuff on the go as well, as European Coffee Trip's (ECT) Ales Pospisil happily discovered when he launched the popular website. What he wasn't anticipating was that the brew-on- the-fly experience would inspire ECT's first film, AeroPress Movie, which debuted in San Francisco on October 19. Conceived, developed, and produced by Ales and the ECT team and financed through Kickstarter, the documentary tells the story of how the portable brewer's popularity and reach continues to grow and spread exponentially, 13 years since its release by San Francisco Bay Area inventor Alan Adler, who had made his name until that point as the inventor of the Aerobie flying disk. "We were creating the film for any AeroPress lover out there," Ales says. "We thought that if one uses AeroPress, she would like to see a movie about its story." Currently, Ales is busily scheduling screenings around the world to take place in December, and plans to release the film online in early 2019 for purchase. Ales and his team have already found at least one more fan since the debut: Alan Adler himself. "The movie, and the enthusiastic group who came to watch it [in San Francisco], reminded me of how lucky I am to have come up with an invention which inspires so much affection," Alan says. Check the official website for upcoming screening and online release information. European Coff ee Trip's Ales Pospisil right interviews World AeroPress Championship founder Tim Wendelboe, in Oslo, Norway. Training the Next Gen of Great Cuppers The specialty-coffee competition organization Cup of Excellence (CoE) built its reputation for finding quality coffees by seeking out the best lots through rigorous jury cuppings held in producing countries. In the process, CoE provides a platform upon which roasters and producers can work together more closely than ever before. The foundational piece of the CoE is its jury system, wherein experienced cuppers from across the globe come together to identify the best lots available at competitions celebrating the producing countries' finest coffees. Recognizing that the selection process is only as strong as the jury, CoE has set out to help create a larger and wider pool of jurors through new classes held around the world. "Sensory Educational Training, also known as SET, is a four-day class designed to improve students' ability to evaluate coffee, in an effort to create a stronger, and more diverse, global community of coffee tasters," says Alex Pond, education and lab coordinator for the Portland, Ore.–based Alliance for Coffee Excellence, CoE's parent organization. "By the end of the class, students should feel more comfortable and calibrated cupping a wide variety of coffees in a formal setting, evaluating and discussing coffee, and have a solid understanding of the Cup of Excellence coffee-scoring sheet." The classes have recently been held in Bologna, Italy, and Nanjing, China, with another one scheduled in Nanjing in early December. Alex says ACE is currently evaluating locations for more sessions in both consuming and producing countries. Anyone is eligible to take the SET class. Registration and more information is available on the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website. Students in a recent SET class in Monte Cerignone, Italy, refi ne their cupping skills. PHOTO COURTESY OF EUROPEAN COFFEE TRIP 18 barista magazine

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