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C O P E N H A G E N The four little words we heard over and over while planning an October jaunt to Copenhagen (or København, if you want to get technical) were also the most exciting for anyone to hear when they are looking forward to a trip: "That's my favorite city!" Nat- urally, a giddy declaration like that usually comes with a fl urry of recommendations that start with, "You've got to see…" or, "You've got to eat…" and if you're a coffee person with mostly coffee-peo- ple friends, there's also a lot of, "Promise me you'll get a coffee from…" as well. Now, this particular coffee person (i.e., the author) happens to try to take a vacation away from coffee for a little while every year. But when it became apparent that there was so much delicious happening within the city limits of the seaside capital of Denmark, that possibility quickly faded. "OK," I promised myself (and my traveling companion– slash-sweetheart). "Maybe we'll go to a couple different coffee shops, but, like, I won't make a big deal out of it or anything." She smiled patiently, gave me a knowing look like, "I'll believe it when I see it," and proceeded to allow me to drop pin after caffein- ated pin on a Google Map to plot our daily walks. Hey, it was a cute idea, right? Everybody needs to dream about taking a break every once in a while… Anyway, as soon as we landed in the city it became totally obvious why people seem to fall so hard for it: Colorful waterfront buildings, tons of green space, charming cobblestone streets, heaps of bread and cheese, stylish moms with picture-perfect kiddos everywhere, and bikes upon bikes upon bikes—the whole city is straight out of a page from its famous fabulist son Hans Christian Andersen. We set out somewhat blasphemously on foot even after everyone told us to rent bikes (coming from the very bike-centric city of Minneapolis, it seemed a treat to take it slow and chat rather than Opposite page, at top: Calling all bike-loving baristas: Nothing goes hand-in-hand quite as well as spokes and 'spro, and Copenhagen is a heaven for both. In fact, bicycling is so prevalent here that almost no one locks theirs up since just about everybody else has one, there's no need to steal! Below: Single-origin fi lter coff ee at Original Coff ee is "brewed by friends" as the sign proclaims, and it's certainly a friendly brew. This Tanzanian coff ee was warm with baking-spice fl avors, sweet citrus, and an herbal-fl oral nose. This page: Come for the coff ee, but defi nitely stay for the croissants at Democratic Coff ee—they're even baked in-house in this cozy shop that shares space with (what else?) a public library. What could be more democratic than top-quality espresso and fl aky pastry crumbs for all? (Just try not to get the book pages sticky.) 55

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