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57 blur by in a faster lane for a change), and even though I promised we wouldn't overdo it on espresso, we did manage to hit a few of the top shops and best bars that were recommended to us. DAY 1: THE COFFEE COLLECTIVE— TORVENHALLERNE Our first coffee stop was rather late in the afternoon of our first full day of strolling the streets. We covered more than 11 miles and were in almost desperate need of something warm to wrap our hands (OK, and our taste buds) around. Cutting through the winding neighborhoods just north of the university campus and steps from the botanical gardens, we wandered up to one of the wonderful newer additions to wonderful old Copenhagen: the Torvenhallerne food market. This magical place, which opened in 2011 on the site of a longstanding green market dating from 1889, features more than 60 local artisan makers, brewers, bakers, chefs, shops, and bars—and naturally it wouldn't be complete without a contribution from the capital city's first specialty-ob- sessed roaster, The Coffee Collective. The Collective, which is owned and operated by three longtime coffee professionals including Klaus Thomsen (2006 World Barista Champion and two-time Danish Barista Champion) and Casper Rasmussen (2008 World Cup Tasters Champion), has been one of the fi nest outlets for specialty coffee since opening its fi rst location in 2008. Over the last decade-plus, the focus has been keener and keener on quality and clarity of both fl avor and of sourcing, and the company goes so far with its Direct Trade philosophy as to print the FOB price on the bags. ("FOB" stands for "free on board," and is a term used to describe the point when an importer or, in this case the roaster itself, takes ownership of a coffee that's in transit from origin.) Anyway, there's plenty of history in this centuries-old city, but at that very moment I was more interested in espresso than epochs. We ordered an espresso (mine) and a café latte (hers), and found the perfect perch for people watching at the end of the bar, since the busy coffee shop is positioned at one of the main entrances, surrounded by huge windows. The coffee, of course, was spot on: My shot of a Kenya-Ethiopia-blend espresso was like a sip of juicy- fruit candy, and the latte's perfectly textured milk was a velvet blanket. We sat in warm contentment for a few minutes before wandering off into the aisles to drool over buttery Danish pastries. DAY 2: ORIGINAL COFFEE The next morning, taking a look at the map, I pointed out a few things we had talked about doing in the area around the famous Nyhavn canal district before casually dropping a hint that there was a place to grab a warm mug of something that would be "on the way." "Doesn't coffee sound great for a long walk?" I suggested as though it were the fi rst time the idea had occurred to me. If there had been a camera crew present, that would be the moment I'd turn and wink broadly to the viewers at home. We set out in search of caffeine and meandered our way to one of eight Original Coffee locations, a shop on Bredgade ("Broad Street") in a chic shopping area. The café's sign reads "Brewed by friends since 2012," and that vibe was immediate upon walking in, as we were greeted with big smiles by two baristas who seemed SYRUPS | SAUCES | POWDERS created by baristas for baristas

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