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offers fantastic hand-brewed or fi lter-brewed single-origin coffee alongside expertly pulled espresso drinks, too, so don't be too distracted by the case of brilliant pastries. Take your drinks and snacks right on into the library for some true local-watching, or pick up a magazine and check out the latest Nordic fashion trends. (We did a little bit of both, actually.) DAY 5: THE COFFEE COLLECTIVE— BERNIKOWS First, a note for those of you paying close attention: There isn't a Day 4 on this particular list because we spent it outside of the city visiting the 16th-century Kronborg Castle and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, safely away from my scribbled coffee-shop notes. (Remember how I said I try to take a vacation from coffee? This was my feeble attempt.) Once we were back in the city, however, I knew I had to make another trip to a full-on location of The Coffee Collective, to get a truer experience than we had in the market. We took a brisk stroll on a windy morning to the café on Kristen Bernikows Gade in central CPH, and by the time we blew in the front door on a gust, oh boy were we ready for something warm and tasty. Housed in an old "bodega" or beer bar, this shop is a little bit of the best of old and new Denmark: Elegant sage-colored wallpaper, beautifully minimalist light fi xtures, a lovely collection of thriving plants, and shelves full of modern coffee equipment and stylish bags of roasted coffee are complemented by tabletop taper candles burning warmly, paint-cracking art of local historical scenes, and dark wooden chairs that hark back to times gone by. The coffee itself, however, is unquestionably representative of the future of specialty in the city: A hand-brewed Direct Trade offering from Nyeri, Kenya, came out with an information card describing the long relationship between roaster and washing station, and a silky cortado in a straight-walled glass speaks to milk-based drinks that veer away from the Euro classics of latte and cappuccino. We sat at a curved communal table writing postcards as I tried to contain my coffee-geek excitement at being at what I've long considered the venerable Danish specialty-coffee institution. ONE REGRET: THE KAREN BLIXEN MUSEUM Normal people on vacation typically have regrets like, "I spent too much money," or "I drank too much wine and spent the next day in bed," or "I ate what??" However, I never said I was a normal person on vacation, and my only regret is that we didn't have a chance to visit the Karen Blixen Museum at Rungstedlund, the private home of author Karen Blixen, aka Isak Dinesen, who wrote Out of Africa about her experiences running a coffee farm in Kenya in the 1920s. Blixen was born in the house and lived there until she left for Africa, returning after 17 years and remaining in the house until passing away in 1962. The 40-acre property has not only the family home, but also gardens, meadows, and a bird sanctuary that Blixen insisted be established and open to the public. Unfortunately, the site is also about an hour north of the city by rail—a day trip I reluctantly eschewed in favor of visiting "Hamlet's castle" and the art museum instead. Oh well, guess I'll just have to plan another trip back to this gorgeous, charming, and caffeinated city—you know, for offi cial professional research. Specialty Green Coffee Importers #greencoeepeople Tanzania microlots Arriving January In Mbeya, Tanzania, producers historically washed their coees at home, which led to low quality. In 2016, Ibero Tanzania—our sister company—partnered with the farmers to organize, access capital and establish washing stations together. It also provided post-harvest training, which dramatically increased quality. In their •rst year of operation with Ibero, the producers increased their earnings by nearly 40 percent. Today, Ibero also partners with schools near the washing stations, to help train students in the business of coee and address the high levels of youth unemployment in rural areas. It's our real pleasure to bring their coees to you. 61

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