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INDIVIDUAL WORKS OF ART These hand-crafted mugs were created exclusively for Temple Coffee by Northern California artist Brad Henry. Made from stoneware clay, each mug is fired in a reduction atmosphere with a natural gas kiln. Using a traditional potter's wheel and slab roller, Brad adds layers of slips, glaze, and wax to decorate each piece. Each of these limited-edition designs is a unique and functional work of art best enjoyed when filled with Temple Coffee. OAT SURE Today, the idea of producing a milk directly from oats instead of first feeding oats to a cow and letting the cow process them into milk sounds remarkably sustainable. Back when Oatly started in the 1990s in Sweden however, most people thought it was a pretty wild idea. That's cool—everything has its time. And the time is now for Oatly! Oatly steams and pours like whole milk, but it's 100-percent plant-based, gluten-free, and has no added sugar or GMOs. SEA CHANGE Create beautiful new beverages with Ghirardelli's Sea Salt Caramel Sauce! Made with real caramel, Ghirardelli's Sea Salt Caramel Sauce is thicker and creamier than other salted caramel syrups and more versatile in application. Blend it, mix it, drizzle it! It's the perfect combination of an intense butter caramel enhanced by a touch of savory sea salt, and it creates an experience that's rich and indulgent. YES, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT La San Marco is offering an amazing new feature for all of its customers: an online app that allows remote control and configuration of your machine. Far from just a Bluetooth connection from your mobile device to the machine, La San Marco's app can send all the machine operating parameters via email to authorized recipients. The new Remote Control App by La San Marco is easy to use, with horizontal browsing and specially designed intuitive icons. The app can be downloaded free by any mobile Android device (smartphones and tablets) from the company's new website. 65

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