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69 Stuff Walter loves PUQpress Q2 I love stuff Walter "Proph" Alarcon Coffee educator Bluestone Lane Coffee Brooklyn, N.Y. Why do you love using the PUQpress Q2 on bar? Working at high-volume coffee shops where you're pumping out 500–600 espresso- based drinks a day, something as consistent and efficient as the Puqpress alleviates a lot of the strain that manual tamping would cause. How does it make your job as a barista more awesome? Besides cutting time from per fectly tamping coffee grinds manually, it's consistent and efficient—it leaves little to no room for error. During busy rush hours it takes the pressure off the person pulling shots, leaving more time to focus on dialing-in and properly distributing coffee grinds. Would you recommend the PUQpress Q2 to other people? I would definitely recommend this to any barista or coffee company tr ying to speed up ever yday production without sacrificing quality. What do your coworkers think of it? All of my coworkers and the baristas I train love it. Of course, they have to learn to properly tamp as part of their training, but they definitely see the difference between manual and automatic tamping, which the PUQpress provides. Anything else to add? If you're looking to give yourself an edge in a morning or evening rush, I'd highly recommend investing in one. And don't worr y about jeopardizing quality because PUQpress's consistency is what won me over.

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