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Jessie Chou Cofounder + barista, Everbean Cafe + Community Surrey, B.C., Canada Jessie loves: Big Love Buttons from Big Love Ball "A personal mantra, a visual reminder, and at times, a psychological shield against challenges encountered during customer service, I love the Big Love Button and its awesome spread-the-good-vibe sentiment! Whether kept in a drawer, proudly pinned on my shirt, or gifted to another person, it's the essence of how I want to operate my business: Serving my community. So simple yet so complex—the Big Love Button says it all for me!" Jesús Iñiguez Lead barista + trainer, Stone Bru Coffee Co. Sioux City, Iowa Jesús loves: His Checked Out apron "Many people ask me where I get my barista powers. My secret is my Checked Out denim bar apron with various pins. In truth, each pin gives me more Barista XP and street cred. Sometimes the apron even helps keep me from staining my favorite shirts!" Lea Cohen-Solal Lead barista, First Village Coffee Ossining, N.Y. Lea loves: Her custom tamper from Tamperista "It's not every day that a person appears with a sustainably made product that makes your job easier. Dana, a local craftsperson who sources materials ethically, did just that. We got two tampers on the spot, and our wrists have never been happier!" Michael Acosta Director of coffee, Story + Soil Coffee Hartford, Conn. Michael loves: The Sansone Stainless-Steel Water Barrel (Cistern) "The shop is small and the cistern is placed prominently on the bar to help baristas answer either the fi rst or last question on our guests' minds: May I have some water? We want every interaction to be meaningful and providing water in a stylish and accessible vessel is an easy way to show guests we've got them covered." Je Co + Su Je J C + S J u on L Le O L L O L e PHOTO BY CHRIS BARBER 86 barista magazine

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