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Ronika McClain Lead barista, Vortex Doughnuts Asheville, N.C. Ronika loves: Everyday Oil, Mainstay Blend "I take really good care of my skin and face because I see being behind the bar as part of a performance! I have a particular skill set that a lot of people don't have, and most people see my face before they even decide which coffee they'd like. This face oil is the only product that has kept my skin glowing and moisturized without making my skin oily, especially after working all day. It also is a great makeup primer. It's also locally made in North Carolina, and I buy it at another coffee shop in town (shout out to Trade and Lore!)." Sharon Fung Assistant manager, Chromatic Coffee Santa Clara, Calif. Sharon loves: Welhome Latte Art Pitcher "Welhome's 500cc (16-ounce) latte art pitcher with handle is a tool that will help you get your latte art game to the next level. It's made out of a high-quality stainless steel, and is designed to be a lighter weight pitcher, which helps you feel the change of milk fl ow faster and easier. The pitcher's wide sharp spout design helps you gain more control of your pour, makes it super easy to add more layers to your tulips, or even crazier designs!" Kendra Sledzinski Trainer, educator + coach, Joe Coffee Company Philadelphia Kendra loves: Water spritz bottles "We use a water spritz bottle to keep groupheads clean all day, as it cleans screens and helps loosen stubborn grinds stuck around gaskets. A spritz also cools down the groups so baristas don't burn themselves when they drop screens for hourly cleanings. Aside from being the best bar tool you didn't know you needed, it doubles as light hydration for all your favorite shop plants!" Winston Thomas Freelance barista + trainer Cape Town, South Africa Winston loves: The O.C.D. V2 WBC 2017 edition "Of the many distribution tools out there, the O.C.D. V2 WBC edition is by far my favorite. It has a well-balanced weight, tight grip, and is easily adjustable. This is my go-to for distribution consistency in competition and in a busy café. I always keep it next to my tamper!" R Le A R L A R B er W Fr C W C W W F C PHOTO BY LEM BUTLER 87

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