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16 barista magazine T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE PHONE: 800.296.9108 FAX: 971.223.3659 TIPJAR@BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM I received my magazine today! Awe- some Christmas gift! Thanks! I was reading the editor letter [December 2018 + January 2019], and in the fi rst paragraph [Editor Sarah Allen] uses Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as an example. I am from Puerto Rico and I came two months after the hurricane. And what she says is really true: The American government refused to acknowl- edge what was really happening. They treated PR as if we were a foreign country. I am glad that I found a place in the coffee industry in Washington, D.C., that helps me to be a better barista and a better person, and helps me to reach my professional goals. Thank you! Natasha E. Cruz Sánchez Arlington, Va. Best "Best Bar Tools" ever, Barista Mag. Not a cis white guy in the bunch! Was that on purpose? Giulia Grant Redlands, Calif. Glad you enjoyed our annual "Best Bar Tools" in the December 2018 + January 2019 issue, Giulia! And yes, having our fi rst "Best Bar Tools" comprising entirely people from marginalized communities was inten- tional. It was a blast meeting so many new folks and learning about their bar habits and coffee lives. Until next year! A big thank you to Chris Ryan for the article about the C market in the new issue [De- cember 2018 + January 2019] of Barista. It is now part of the training manual we use at our café because it is the most compre- hensive and palatable explanation of a very complicated topic. Baristas need to be well- versed about coffee prices, even if they don't work for a roaster (we are not a roaster). I have recommended this article to all of our colleagues in the industry! John Flasier New London, Conn. Chris Ryan wrote an excellent article about the C market and what it means in layman's terms. The more coffee profes- sionals who really understand the topic, the better, because there is a lot to sort through and piece together. This is, like I said, an excellent story for newcomers to the C market as well as coffee old-timers like myself. Bravo. Peter Ziem Clinton, N.Y. We love The Barista League! Thank you for all of the photos from The Barista League's United States tour in the new issue [December 2018 + January 2019]. Some friends from my café and I went to the one in Kansas City, and we didn't know anyone, and it was so much fun. It was also very interesting to read about the founder, Steve Moloney. We would like to put in our vote to have a Barista League [event] here in Columbia, Mo., someday! Jenna and Kate Mexico, Mo. Game Changer AGNIESZKA ROJWS1ǧ W*NJTHTBC #OǦL:]Gĝ UǧĥT &9ɥYĝUFɦǥFÉ RP>RTɥROM Ī4ɦAV +S ĥ*;AT OGE DG&91J ĝɥM%ɥVɥ&9ǦLĥ AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2018 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 3 DECEMBER 2018 + JANUARY 2019 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 5 ĪɦOIMOFɦĝ?;&9ɦA OFEɥJ%OP WǦMZ=P9 L> 0N>W Aķ=PĪ LE ɦęǥFKET !*L FġOFM: OPĞǦE9 TAKING FIKA WITH OF THE BARISTA LEAGUE t IMķǦG ĪO=Lĥ 2018 New Dr. Smoothie Refreshers are handcrafted from real fruit juice for maximum goodness, and made with green coffee extract for a natural jumpstart. s t t

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