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:,"H^2ɤ Ħ<.ĮH1ǧ Į*:JKT #<Ǧ5Ɓ]GĝɤUǧĥK &9ɥ\ĝNFɦǥǓ Ħ@>ĦKɥĦ<7 Ī4ɦQ+S ĥ*;KOG"ɤ G&91J ĝɥM%ɥVɥ&9Ǧ5ĥ AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2018 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 3 IMķǦG :,"H^2ɤ Ħ<.ĮH1ǧ Į*:JKT #<Ǧ5Ɓ]GĝɤUǧĥK &9ɥ\ĝNFɦǥǓ Ħ@>ĦKɥĦ<7 Ī4ɦQ+S ĥ*;KOG"ɤ G&91J ĝɥM%ɥVɥ&9Ǧ5ĥ S T U F F : P R O D U C T S THE LATEST FROM LA MARZOCCO Ready for a new way to work fast and efficiently? La Marzocco presents the KB90, designed specifically to increase speed of service in high-volume cafés while providing an improved workflow. The revolutionary Straight-In System simplifies and eases the motion of locking in the portafilter to the grouphead, every time. The improved ergonomics of the Straight-In System can noticeably mitigate repetitive stress injuries through its ease of operation. In fact, it's been proven that the Straight-In Portafilter System can reduce strain on the barista by 12 times, offering workflow efficiency and a universal ease of use. UP YOUR ART GAME WITH SLOW POUR The WPM (Welhome Pro) milk-steaming pitchers by Slow Pour Supply have taken over the market in a matter of months. They've been used in Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships, the United States Barista Championship, and at plenty of local throwdowns. Exclusively from Slow Pour Supply, these pitchers have a larger volume than traditional pitchers, providing a more horizontal milk flow. They come in five different spout shapes and three sizes: 15–, 17–, and 22–ounce. The WPM patented slanted top design gives you an edge in the frothing process, creating a larger surface area as you tilt to create that steaming vortex. EVERY BARISTA'S HANDBOOK Did you pick up this copy of Barista Mag at a coffee conference, competition, or trade show, and now you're wondering how you can make reading it a regular thing? Head over to our website and subscribe—it's just $30 for one year, or $50 for two! (U.S.A. addresses only. International subscriptions also avaiable.) You'll get six issues of Barista Mag every year, each one packed with the latest on the coffee products and equipment you need, trends we're seeing in specialty coffee, coverage of the hottest coffee events, interviews with our community's leaders, and much, much more! DECEMBER 2018 + JANUARY 2019 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 5 Īɦ0:>Įɤ ķ=PĪɤL"ɤɦęǥF2"K !*5ɤFġ

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