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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S VANILLA THRILLA Ghirardelli's new Vanilla Sauce delivers decadent vanilla flavor and aroma without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Creamier and bolder than vanilla syrups, Ghirardelli's Vanilla Sauce is perfected for a velvety smooth and incredibly aromatic vanilla latte at a comparable cost to vanilla syrups. There's nothing plain about these vanilla lattes. COLD-BREW DAZZLE Keep kegs, lines, taps, carafes, and brewing containers sparkling clean and sanitary with 1-2 Cold Brew, the two-step system designed to first remove coffee residue and then sanitize. Since cold-brew devices are not flushed with boiling water during the extraction process, they remain especially susceptible to microbial growth. Make sure your equipment is safe and sanitary by using this liquid-formulated, EPA- approved regimen, because dazzling cold brew comes from dazzling equipment. MARVELOUS MACADAMIA Sustainably farmed from free-range trees, dairy-free macadamia nut milkadamia is on a mission to give both dairy and nondairy lovers a new choice that's both earth-friendly and delicious. Unlike other nut milks, milkadamia's new Formula Barista Latte Da uses only raw (not roasted) nuts. Raw macadamias give Latte Da a subtle flavor and milky creaminess that naturally complements the coffee. Latte Da steams magically, and produces beautiful, velvety foam that's perfect for latte art. 48 barista magazine

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