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Stuff Ellan loves 3-inch Paintbrush I love stuff Ellan Kline Head of Retail Training/HR Specialist Ritual Coffee Roasters San Francisco Why do you love it? As my friend D'Onna always says, "Chaff and grounds are the glitter of the café." Meaning, they get ever ywhere and are impossible to fully extricate from your surroundings. A brush that's wide enough to cover a decent amount of counter space while also being narrow enough to get into tighter spots in your bar setup helps to at least keep the situation manageable. How does it contribute to making your job easier, more efficient, etc.? A clean space is a happy space, and, to me, there's nothing like the meditative pause of brushing down my grinder area in the middle of a rush. What do your coworkers think of it? I'm not actively on bar much anymore, so I crowd-sourced this tool as a "stuff I love" from some of my coworkers who work in the café! All in all, I think a good brush is invaluable to the person who prizes bar cleanliness. Would you recommend it to others? If so, why? Yes! Ever yone should keep their bar tidy! Brushes help! Anything else to say about it? The most important tools in both coffee and life are usually not fancy and are generally underappreciated. 52 barista magazine

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