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64 barista magazine are drawn to different combinations of aroma, fl avor, and texture, and that many of us have an "I'll try anything once" mentality. That being said, there are many foods that are common in the coffee lands that might not be what you're used to at home, especially in remote villages or communities. Often when visiting producers, a meal or a snack will be prepared on the farm or in a household: It is wise to become acquainted with some of the local traditional cuisine so that you aren't surprised by what might wind up on your plate. PAPARAZZI Of course you want that perfect ripe-cherry shot, and of course you need a great selfi e for your socials, but taking photographs while traveling comes with its own set of etiquette, and it's import- ant to take a step back and consider before you zoom in and snap away. "Asking questions like, 'May I take your photograph?' can be awkward even when you speak the same lan- guage, and even more so through a translator, but it is critical!" Kim Elena says. Also critical is listening to some- one when they say, "No." People from cultures all over the world are averse to having their photograph made for spiritual or other personal reasons, and it's downright rude to try to convince or cajole someone into something they've already stated they don't want. (This goes without saying, too, but just in case: There's never a justifi able excuse for "getting around" a hard no by tak- ing candid shots or "accidentally" catch- ing someone in a frame.) It's also deeply important to remember not to photo- graph children without their consent (or their parent/guardian's consent), and defi nitely don't publish photos of people whose permission you weren't given— not on websites, not on bags, not on blogs, not anywhere, not ever. Kim Elena actually encourages travelers to avoid the temptation of seeing a place through the viewfi nder or on the screen of a phone: "I encourage travelers to consider whether they need to take photographs at all, and why they're doing it. I love beautiful photo- graphs and I recognize that sometimes documentation is an unavoidable pri- ority of an origin trip, but if you think about whom those photos serve—were they taken at the request of the host? Will they be shared with the host?—and think also about how it feels to have a conversation with someone who is multitasking, I think you'll understand why I largely stopped taking photo- graphs as a coffee buyer. My time was better spent building relationships than capturing landscapes." INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS While we often call these trips "rela- tionship building," new travelers should recognize that the "building" part of the experience is delicate and can take a longer time than the actual visit itself: The best and most lasting relationships along the supply chain don't simply happen on the farm or at the mill, but usually extend to emails and phone May I take a photo? Amharic: Foto manisati ichilalehu? Bahasa Indonesia: Bolehkah saya mengambil foto? Portuguese: Posso tirar uma foto? Spanish: ¿Puedo sacar una foto? May I help you with that? Amharic: Tadiya bezihi menigedi liredawoti ichi- lalehnui? Bahasa Indonesia: Bolehkah aku membantumu dengan itu? Portuguese: Posso te ajudar com isso? Spanish: ¿Puedo ayudarle con eso? May I walk here? Amharic: Izihi lihedi ichilalehu? Bahasa Indonesia: Bolehkah saya berjalan di sini? Portuguese: Posso andar aqui? Spanish: ¿Puedo caminar aquí? May I touch this? Amharic: Yihinini menikati ichilalehu? Bahasa Indonesia: Bolekah saya menyentuh ini? Portuguese: Possar tocar isso? Spanish: ¿Puedo tocar esto? Can you tell me more about this? Amharic: Tech'emari silezihi menigeri yichilalu? Bahasa Indonesia: Bisakah kamu certiakan lebih banyak tentang ini? Portuguese: O senhor/A senhora podem me contar mais sobre isso? Spanish: ¿Usted puede contarme más sobre esto? HOW TO ASK SIMPLE YET SIGNIFICANT QUESTIONS IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT COFFEE- RELEVANT LANGUAGES

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