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and from physical therapy school. "Try to keep wrists in a neutral posture, not fully extended, during activities," they say. As much as I would have loved to take time off work to rest and allow my body to mend itself, it definitely was not an option financially. I wasn't in a position to get a different kind of job either. Therefore, I had to maximize what rest time I could get which meant being on the bar as little as possible. After talking it through with my coworkers, I spent more time on register—not exactly a vacation, but I wasn't going through the bar motions that aggravated my wrists. The biggest help in maximizing my rest time was getting a pair of wrist braces. Yes they look nerdy, but once your wrist pain goes down, you can get away with wearing them only at night, something I learned from an older career line cook. The braces run anywhere from $7 to $25. The doctor who diagnosed me sent me home with a pair, but I also found some really good ones at a drugstore for $15. Wearing wrist braces keeps your wrists in a straight line, which provides extra reinforcement to heal and reduce infl ammation. Keep them around long af- ter your symptoms disappear. Even now, a few years out of my carpal tunnel recov- ery, if I start to experience any wrist pain, usually one or two nights of sleeping with wrist braces will do the trick and I'll be back to normal. ICE Along with wrist braces, ice packs are an inexpensive and effective tool for surviving and preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. The compression of the medi- an nerve is caused by infl ammation of the carpal tunnel, and icing the wrist reduces swelling and infl ammation. I used to bring ice packs to work, keep them in the freezer, and ice my wrists during breaks. Remember to always put a layer of cloth between your skin and the ice pack, and don't ice for more than 20 minutes at a time. STRETCHING AND STRENGTHENING Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your wrists. Start with the "prayer" stretch: Put your palms togeth- er in the middle of your chest, and have your elbows make a 90-degree angle with your hands, making sure to keep your wrists straight. You can also put your arm in front of you, palm facing out, and use your other hand to grab and gently pull your fi ngers toward your body. You can do the reverse stretch by dropping your hand and pushing your hand toward you, your fi ngers in a straight line toward the DON'T MISS AN ISSUE! RENEW TODAY! :,"H^2ɤ Ħ<.ĮH1ǧ Į*:JKT #<Ǧ5Ɓ]GĝɤUǧĥK &9ɥ\ĝNFɦǥǓ Ħ@>ĦKɥĦ<7 Ī4ɦQ+S ĥ*;KOG"ɤ G&91J ĝɥM%ɥVɥ&9Ǧ5ĥ AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2018 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 3 DECEMBER 2018 + JANUARY 2019 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 5 Īɦ0:>Įɤ ķ=PĪɤL"ɤɦęǥF2"K !*5ɤFġĦKɥĦ<7 Ī4ɦQ+S ĥ*;KOG"ɤ G&91J ĝɥM%ɥVɥ&9Ǧ5ĥ AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2018 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 3 BEANTOWN ICONS ÝŚ:ÝӳÝĀČ OCTOBER + NOVEMBER 2018 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 4 86 barista magazine

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