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Frank is quick to add that Swiss Water is not a traditional decaffeination company. For one, it also operates as a branding and consumer communications organization, developing Swiss Water brand recognition directly to consumers through various channels, including its customers' stores and their packaging. For another, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee operates a green-cof- fee-trading side of its business as it acquires the raw coffee product for decaffeination. (The company is one of Canada's largest coffee buyers.) But perhaps Swiss Water's most defining differentiator is its unique method of decaffeination: The Swiss Water Process chemical-free method uses a precise combination of water, temperature, and time to remove 99.9 percent of the caffeine from beans in small batches, leaving the original flavor and character of the coffee untouched. From his early dalliances in wine to running a global decaffeinat- ed-coffee operation, Frank Dennis has undertaken a lengthy journey of fl avor. We talked to him about growing up in Canada and Michigan, his experiences in the coffee trade, and his additional passions of sports and music. Barista Magazine: Can you tell me a bit about your childhood? Where did you grow up, and what were you interested in as a kid? Frank visiting the coff ee warehouse at Swiss Water Decaff einated Coff ee Company. Frank and operators inspecting the process and taking photos with the help of a selfi e stick. Frank and his son, Trent, catching Walleye on Lake Moses in Washington state. Frank at Ibague, Tolima, in Colombia in 2015, and cupping at Louis Dreyfus Commodities with Jordan Hooper, who is now with Sucafi na. 90 barista magazine

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