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C O N T R I B U T O R S 1 Tracy Allen is CEO of Brewed Behavior, a consultancy founded to offer comprehensive support to all segments of the coffee industry. He is a past president of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), was one of the original members of the U.S. Barista Championship (USBC) Committee, and was the first chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee for the World Barista Championship (WBC). Tracy has trained multiple national and regional barista champions, and served as a judge and judges' trainer for the USBC and WBC. He is also an SCA "Supertaster," certified cupper, and Q-grader instructor. (Cashbox, p. 88) 2 Sarah Bence is an American travel writer and blogger, currently based in Michigan after a stint in Europe. She is published in various travel journals, and her blog can be seen at She's enjoyed coffee in 26 countries, with a few more to go. You can follow her travels on Instagram @endlessdistances. (Field Report: Ljubljana, Slovenia, p. 46) 3 Andrew Bettis is well-known for being overly critical about espresso and placing dead last at latte art throwdowns. In his free time he enjoys playing bass and staying indoors with his wife. He lives in Chicago where he is a coffee specialist for Rancilio. (Foam, p. 32) 4 Victoria Brown is a journalist for a Baltimore magazine. She specializes in the history of food systems with an eye toward sustainability and equity in coffee. In her spare time she enjoys knitting, reading, drawing, and cooking. Her port- folio can be found at (The Dark Side of Dairy, p. 100) 5 Steph Byce is a writer and photographer based in Chicago who specializes in the craft beer industry. Her second-favorite beverage is coffee, and while an avid coffee drinker who owns several coffee-making gadgets, her pourover skills could use some work. (Cover photo + photography for All In for the Neighborhood, p. 66) 6 Chris Danger is an illustrator and animator from the small town of Wahiawa, Hawaii. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he animated shows for Disney, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network. He now lives in Richmond, Va., with his girlfriend and their dog, Louie. (Illustration for The Dark Side of Dairy, p. 100) 7 Ashley Elander Strandquist loves drawing and teaching people about coffee. Luckily she works at Tradecraft Outfitters in Chicago, which allows her to do both! Check out more of Ashley's work at (Illustrations for Cultivating Community series, p. 74) 8 Kate Haberer is a former barista, and a coffee lover and illustrator living in Baltimore. When not drawing pictures or making coffee, she's usually off on her bike or out in the woods. You can see more of her work at or on Instagram @katehaberer. (Illustration for Cashbox, p. 88) 9 RJ Joseph roasts coffee and runs a coffee satire site called The Knockbox in addition to her other adventures in coffee journalism. Her writing focuses primarily on equity, workers' rights, and alternatives to the status quo. In her free time she loves cooking, reading, and just being in Oakland, Calif. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @rj_sproseph. (How to Launch Your Own Grassroots Community Group, p. 74) 10 Ana Mallozzi has worked in the coffee industry for the past seven years in a variety of roles for roasteries big and small on the East and West Coasts. Currently, she does operations for Granny Squibb's, a local and organic iced tea company based in Providence, R.I. (The Science of How We Taste, p. 90) 11 Ever Meister (fka Erin Meister or, simply, "Meister") has worked simultaneously in specialty coffee and journalism for nearly two decades in three cities: Boston, New York, and Minneapolis. She currently has the dream job of managing editor and content specialist for Cafe Imports, and is the author of New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History (2017). In addition to coffee, Ever loves road trips, long-distance run- ning, writing letters, tasting different craft beers, and spending time with other people's senior dogs. Follow her on Instagram @justmeister. (Field Report: Sensory Summit, p. 36; Q+A with Stuart Ritson, p. 79) 12 Ashley Rodriguez thought that she'd take a break from teaching middle school science and putz around in a coffee shop for a few months. She ended up digging it way more than teaching (and was vaguely better at it). After spending five years making coffee in New York, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked for Sightglass Coffee for three years. She now lives in Chicago where she is a full-time writer for a variety of publications, as well as Barista Magazine Online's editor. Follow her on Twitter @ashcommonname. (Foam, p. 26; All In For the Neighborhood, p. 66) 13 Chris Ryan is Barista Magazine Online's copy editor and a freelance writer and editor with a background in the specialty-coffee industry. He has worked as content director at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers and editor-in-chief of Fresh Cup Magazine. Outside of coffee, he enjoys baseball, running, and crossword puzzles. (Foam, p. 24 + 28; Master Q+A, p. 106) 14 Justin Shepherd is owner of Spencer's Coffee and founder of My Old Kentucky Throwdown, an annual event in Bowling Green, Ky. Past sponsors include Pacific Foods, Baratza, La Marzocco, Prima Coffee, Barista Magazine, Saint Anthony Industries, and many more. For info on participating in or sponsoring this year's event, visit (How to Host a Killer Throwdown, p. 80) 15 Mark Van Streefkerk is a freelance writer and barista in Seattle. He is the author of Spookytooth, a queer and trans teen witch novel. Find out more about him at (New Adventures in Cold Brew, p. 96) 16 Joshua Vasko is a commercial and lifestyle photographer out of Charlotte, N.C. Passionate about all things photography and all things coffee, he is also a former professional barista and current home barista. (Photography for The Science of How We Taste, p. 90; New Adventures in Cold Brew, p. 96) 14 16 13 15 2 8 10 12 9 11 7 4 6 3 5 1 12 barista magazine

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