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16 barista magazine T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE PHONE: 800.296.9108 FAX: 971.223.3659 TIPJAR@BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM I have been working on starting a group of baristas and café managers in my town that meets on a monthly basis to talk about issues that concern us. I have been inspired to do it because of Barista Mag, period. I have been reading the magazine for four years now. It is the most relatable magazine or website I have ever seen for coffee people like me, which is to say Black and proud, gay and proud, and proud of my coffee skills. You make me feel seen, Barista Mag. You remind me that I am worthy of the title pro- fessional, and that this is not some job—this is my career. Ketisia Grant Oklahoma City, Okla. Thank you for the article about how to help a transitioning employee in the new issue ("Foam: Strategies for Supporting an Employee Making a Gender Transition," February + March 2019). Wow, this is really important. My staff and I thank you—we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Gene Pederson Oakland, Calif. I just fi nished reading the article by Ever Meister called "Etiquette at Origin" (Feb- ruary + March 2019), and I have to say it was right on the money! I am fortunate that I have been able to travel many times in my life, and I learned at a young age that it is very important to sit back and take a cue from the culture you are a stranger in. Well, recently I took my wife and a friend and one of our roasters to Guatemala, and things did not go as planned. My friend (not in coffee and, I learned, not accustomed to travel) really was very uncomfortable and it came across as disrespectful. It was a learning experience for all of us. Even though I have visited coffee origin a few times already, the article taught me some important things that I will defi nitely be keeping in mind for my next trip. I also cut the article out to have on hand to share with my future travel- ing companions! Roger Jerome Albany, N.Y. Thanks for all the Wisconsin shout-outs, Barista! (Field Report: Wisconsin, February + March 2019) We have a lot of cool stuff going on in coffee in our state, and the coffee community at large is always surprised to hear about it. And if people have heard of it, they think it's just in Milwaukee and Madison. Thank you, Ashley [Rodriguez, who wrote the article], for touching on some of the smaller communities that deserve the attention from a wider swath of the consum- ing (and professional) coffee world. Sarah Fuller Augusta, Wis. Great articles about how to keep your staff healthy in the shop, Barista Magazine ("Health in the Café," February + March 2019). This was a bunch of information we really needed apparently, because we had not even begun to think about paid sick leave especially. Not only have we decided to implement preliminary paid sick leave days for our staff this coming year, we are also going to have one of our regulars, who is a yoga teacher, come in to teach the whole staff some stretches and techniques so we can take better care of our bodies, especially the parts we are hard on behind the bar. Thank you! Sal Thornton Rochester, Minn. AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2018 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 3 FEBRUARY + MARCH 2019 • VOLUME 14/ISSUE 6 Adam J n Be y I I I I I I Community Driven HEALT IN TɦCǥF , : SpecialɦSlgtion "K+QUELM" K OR*GIN "BOIPM;Tɤ Ģ+ RE@ORK R<7ɦ W*Iĝ9IIN New Dr. Smoothie Refreshers are handcrafted from real fruit juice for maximum goodness, and made with green coffee extract for a natural jumpstart. Visit us at SCA booth #1048 s t t

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