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Continued on page 20 Your 'Keys to the Shop' What do you have in your earbuds while you're walking to work, cleaning up after close, or pulling inventory? If it's not the "Keys to the Shop" podcast, may we recommend you get yourself subscribed lickety-split? The show is hosted by nearly 20-year coffee veteran Chris Deferio, and features interviews with industry luminaries from Espresso Vivace's espresso genius David Schomer to fellow coffee-podcast host Kellinha Stein of the show "Coffea." While lots of podcasts wax geeky about coffee—how to brew it, how to appreciate it, how to impress people at parties with coffee trivia—there haven't been so many "instructional" shows that offer insight into the business of opening, owning, working in, or running a coffee company. "I have always loved watching videos and listening to podcasts about management, leadership, and personal/professional development, and I especially loved the ones that had succinct and actionable insights. Trouble was they were made to speak to the corporate world," Chris says via email. "I wanted to build something that could be a practical and focused resource for professional development in retail coffee." Chris says that a couple of the upcoming episodes he's most excited about are "before and after" interviews for the show's "Founding Fridays" series: "I got to interview two shop owners before their shops were open, and then come back after six months to a year to see how things have been going." Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts, or stream episodes on the show's website. All for One Barista Guild, and One Barista Guild for All While for many coffee people the unification of the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe (SCAA and SCAE) is old news, for others it's actually only beginning: The unification of the Barista Guilds has been an impactful change to the association, and has required a bit of compromise. (For more information about the Barista Guild unification, see page 79.) Though the organization and infrastructure have changed, the Guild serves the same professional purpose: to empower, educate, lift up, and rally community around the baristas of the world, giving them a voice in the greater industry of specialty coffee. In an attempt to boost the signal of baristas in the U.S.A., then, the SCA and BG unveiled plans to nominate and elect leaders to a U.S. chapter, which will create more keen representation for U.S.-based coffee professionals in the global conversation. Because of the diversity among SCAE member countries, the European Barista Guild already had active chapters, which helped bridge many cultural and professional gaps for the organization. The creation of a U.S. chapter will not only give baristas from the States more leverage in general, but will also establish regional sectors that can help grow and nurture more localized coffee communities with event assistance, problem-solving, and support. While there was initially a bit of pushback against the unification of the organizations and their guilds, the response now that the merger has happened is overwhelmingly positive. "I really appreciate this point about our community, we don't just sit on the sidelines and criticize, we get involved!" says Mansi Choksi, North American experience director for the Specialty Coffee Association. "I think what's successful in this process is members understand they are empowered to own this and shape it." Nominations for the Barista Guild U.S. chapter leaders were due in February and at the time of this writing were yet to be announced, but we are sure that this is a positive direction for the Guild and the chapter will be incredibly beneficial to the U.S. barista community. Chris Deferio, host of the popular coff ee podcast "Keys to the Shop." 18 barista magazine

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