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24 barista magazine F O A M : N E W S + T R E N D S WITH DEAR COFFEE BUYER BOOK, RYAN BROWN PRESENTS PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR THE MODERN GREEN BUYER For a 10-year stretch, Ryan Brown was frequently in search of coffee. That's not to say he was always looking for his next latte—rather, Ryan was traveling to coffee-producing areas around the world as a green-coffee buyer for some of specialty coffee's best-known roasting companies, including Ritual Coffee Roasters and Stumptown Coffee Roasters. In 2016, after leaving a job at Blue Bottle and relocating to Denver to work outside the coffee realm, he realized he'd ac- quired a comprehensive amount of knowledge—and some strong opinions—about buying coffee. From philosophy and pricing strategy to the importance of strong communication habits and beyond, Ryan had become well-versed in the green-buying world. Ryan's friend, the coffee consultant and author Scott Rao, had been urging him to write a book sharing some of this knowledge. "He was the best person I could think of for such a project, and I knew I would enjoy working with him," Scott says. Ryan pondered the offer, and came to understand that the information he'd absorbed could be useful to others. "There were no existing books that took all the pieces that you need to be a coffee buyer and synthesized them," Ryan says. "So I wanted to share what I learned on coffee buying with others, particu- larly those getting started in it." The result of these efforts is Dear Coffee Buyer: A Guide to Sourcing Green Coffee, published by Scott Rao in 2018. The book is divided into three sections: The first part focuses on the vari- ous responsibilities of coffee buying as a job; the second explores green coffee in its different stages; and the third part presents advice from Ryan and other well-known coffee buyers on every- thing from often overlooked coffee-producing regions to the most important traits for coffee buyers to possess. Ryan says that while he originally found the idea of writing a book daunting, once he completed an outline for what the book would cover, he realized he could accomplish the task. He approached the project by jotting down questions during the day that he wanted to answer in the book, then spending 30 to 60 minutes per night writing those sections. The book covers many of the areas one would expect from a book on buying green coffee: forecasting and pricing, processing samples and cupping, telling the story of the coffee, etc. But it's all interspersed with Ryan's opinions about specialty coffee PHOTO BY TONY KONECNY Creating successful behaviors for specialty coffee roasters Business Planning, Strategy & Support Green Coffee Sourcing & Grading Roast Profiling and Training Cupping & Barista Training Quality Control It's not just a business, it's a behavior. Learn to Behave.

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