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27 barista," Scott recalls. "One day they were hanging out and he asked, ' What do you dislike the most? What would you rather not do every day,' and the barista jumped up and said, 'Back- flushing.'" In response, the engineering team looked at the existing hardware and asked, " What if we ran steam through the grouphead?" In order to reduce the frequency of backflushing, the KB90 uses steam followed by water to automatically flush the grouphead in between shots. Baristas don't have to do anything except pull shots and keep moving. "The automatic purge function drastically speeds up work flow. It's that thing where you save a second here, save a second there, and you really notice a difference," Scott says. " We haven't quantified exactly how much labor has been reduced, but I could easily see a world where instead of backflushing a bunch of times a day, you'd only have to backflush once or twice a day." The use of steam to purge the grouphead represents an ethos that the engineers at La Marzocco use when designing new ma- chines. " We're always interested in looking at the resources we have in our machine and adding to existing hardware," Scott says "It's better to harness what you already have." With that in mind, the KB90 shares a number of features that you find on other La Marzocco machines. " We really did want to and used a lot of the things from the Linea PB hardware," Scott says, mentioning that the KB90 employs many of the features of other La Marzocco and Modbar products like drip prediction and separate boilers. It also employs some cool features like the ability to work on steam wands—which usually requires shutting down the espresso machine—without interruption of service. Like the Strada, it also has Pro Touch steam wands (meaning you can wave goodbye to steam-wand burns). As for the design, the machine is meant to channel the aesthetic of Italian sports cars from the 1950s and 60s. The machine can be customized, and add-ons like ABR (La Marzocco's scale system) can be built into the machine as well. At the end of the day, this is the machine for people who want to serve a lot of coffee. "Imagine the Linea PB in the busiest bars—this is what that machine is meant for," Scott says. "This is the machine for the people who are maxing out their capacity." ÑAshley Rodriguez The La Marzocco Café in Sea le hosted a debut party for the KB90 machine, inviting the barista community to take try out the machine's myriad technological advances, including the highly anticipated straight-in portafi lter.

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